Looking for the Best Mouse for Arthritis?  Great.  Let’s Get After It…

Technology advances quickly. And it doesn’t always take the unique needs of people into consideration as it does. Now that almost everyone uses a phone, tablet, or computer in their work and play, though, accommodation is more and more important. Everybody faces setbacks, but that shouldn’t prevent us all from enjoying the convenience and entertainment provided by computers. And that includes people who live with arthritis in their fingers, which can make clicking, scrolling, and swiping uncomfortable – and even painful.

Your comfort matters. Technology has an obligation to provide you with the best interactive experience possible. If you’re using a clunky old mouse, though, it simply isn’t. Luckily, there are now a lot of options when it comes to the mouse you use, and many of them provide comfort and relief for those living with arthritis – especially if it affects your index finger, which is crucial to tech use.

With those people in mind, we have compiled a list of mouse choices that take the pain out of your computer experience and give you the freedom that others enjoy.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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  1. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse. Let your hand feel the comfort of trackball while using the mouse. This trackball mouse model requires almost no arm movement to control the cursor. The precise and smooth cursor control is possible anywhere due to its high tracking ability. The trackball works effortlessly on desks, beds, and couches as well. The mouse performs excellently for 18 months before needing the change of battery. The wireless connection of 2.4GHz is robust and compatible with Mac as well as Windows. The range of this mouse is about 30 ft, so you can conveniently use this one for all purposes.
  2. abcGoodefg Handheld Finger Trackball Mouse. This easy to use mouse is a handheld trackball device. The special design allows you to use your index finger comfortably and reduce Arthritis discomfort. The mouse supports all types of surfaces. You can use this model for desktops and laptops and use your middle finger and thumb to control. The device is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The vertical shape looks stylish along with all the comfort it provides. The symmetry makes it usable with the right as well as the left hand of a user.
  3. ller76 Y-10W Portable Finger Handheld Wireless Trackball Mouse. Highly compatible trackball mouse containing an ergonomic design! The handheld mouse allows you to avoid muscle strain. The design is suitable to use when you have arthritis in your index finger. The mouse takes little effort to control the cursor. The application is wide because it is a plug-and-use device with a USB 2.0 system. The architect’s mouse supports desktops and laptops of all versions. The AAA battery provides long-term performance of this wireless design. The shape and design are suitable for the right hand as well as left hand use.
  4. Emmako 2.4G Bluetooth Optical Handheld Finger Ring Mouse. This mouse has a unique design that fits in your hand. Your hand can freely move and naturally make use of this ergonomic mouse design. It is specially designed to support your wrist and elbow against any muscle pain. The compatibility is exceptional along with the connectivity range. This wireless mouse is known for its smart exterior, finger ring design, and photoelectric sensitivity. You can use this mouse conveniently with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as desktop, TV, laptop, Android phone and tablet, Apple computer and more.
  5. ELECOM M-DT2DRBK Wireless Trackball mouse. Use this handheld trackball mouse, which has a perfect design to comfort your fingers. The switches are highly durable and the wheel enables horizontal scrolling. So, you can make little moves to browse through long documents and web pages. The cursor speed is adjustable between 750 counts to 1500 counts. You can customize the functions of the buttons to personalize the design as per your requirements. The trackball is removable, so you can easily clean it. All these exciting features make it the best mouse for arthritis in index finger. The design, battery life, and compatibility, all factors come together to improve your user experience.

Connectivity, as well as functionality, have both been heavily considered when compiling our list. The last thing we wanted to do was find five mice that were geared towards people who have arthritis in their index finger without taking other details into consideration. With these options, you will never have to worry about your mouse having connection issues. And these babies have fast reaction times. Every click, movement, swipe will be quickly registered on your device so you don’t have to worry about any sort of delays. We made sure to handle that for you so you can pick any option that seems suitable! Trackballs are a total game changer, too, when it comes to a comfortable mouse. No more having to move your hand all over the place to control your cursor. The comfort of moving an easy to roll ball to control your cursor is invaluable when it comes to finding a mouse that can be used with an arthritic finger. We pulled out all the stops to find these options for you, and we hope that you find something on this list that will be perfect. You owe it to yourself to have ultimate comfort!

Final Thoughts…

Living with arthritis pain shouldn’t stop you from working, playing, or connecting with others. It’s time that technology delivered on its promise to make the world a more accessible place for everyone. If you’re living with arthritis in your index finger, a mouse from this list is a step in that direction. We certainly dug deep to find these options; we did not want to lead you astray in any way. By taking the most important details into account, we found five mice that are perfect for any individual who may suffer from arthritis in their index finger. As we mentioned, comfort is the highest priority. Eliminating any discomfort or pain by providing you with a great option for a new mouse is exactly what we aim to do.

In case you want to find out more details about any of the products we listed, we have you covered with links for every mouse. Simply click on one of the links to shoot on over to Amazon and scope out the product even further. Amazon has tons of additional details for any of these products, so be meticulous! That is your God-given right and we want you to be. You can also find out the prices for each option, shipping details so you know when you’ll get that glorious Amazon package, and best of all, other customer reviews. Nothing can help to further make a conscious decision than the testimony of other customers who have actually used the product. Go take a look at what they say! I bet you can find some great reviews with specific positive features for each option. And if you find a better mouse that is not on our list, let us know! We want to keep our lists updated and stay privy to the newest, hottest products that can be added to our list.

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