Looks like you need the best motorcycle seat for long distance. Let’s get after it…

Guys, have you ever been in a situation where you’ve had to travel a long distance on your motorcycle, but maybe halfway through the trip you got super uncomfortable? Or do you have a seat on your motorcycle currently that you can’t sit on for more than 30 minutes without discomfort? If so, it may be time for a new seat!

This time, you know you don’t need just any kind of motorcycle seat, you need one that can handle long rides and keep you comfortable the entire time.

We field-tested a few of the best motorcycle seats for long distance rides and have come up with the top 5. In this guide we’ll breakdown why we chose these five and exactly what specific features you should look for when choosing a motorcycle seat.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Motorcyle Seat Pad

. This seat pad has a micro spacer technology in the fabric used. This allows a neutral surface of seating with a consistent flow of air to avoid sweat … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. SKWOOSH Classic Saddle Motorcycle Gel Sea. The thickness and shape of this motorcycle seat align with reduced reach and stock seats. The included padding doesn’t impact the distance to lower controls and pegs. The outer shell has mesh fabric to make airflow possible to give you a cooler bike riding experience. The AirFlo technology sends air to every necessary area. The gel padding relieves your bones from extreme pressure. The attachment is elastic and folds easily to store anywhere. The welded construction of the seat requires no effort in terms of maintenance. The cushioning has been provided in sections to ensure traction.
  2. Pro Pad Tech Series SuprCruzr Gel Motorcycle Seat Pad. This seat pad has a micro spacer technology in the fabric used. This allows a neutral surface of seating with a consistent flow of air to avoid sweat accumulation during long rides in hot weather conditions. There is a cutout in a 0.5-inch polymer insert to provide proper support to the tailbone. The size and shape match all motorcycle seats. Plus, you can easily store it whenever required. The padding has a gel material instead of any cheap foam material. This gel padding performs for longer periods, which allows you to trust this seat pad on long-distance rides.
  3. Mustang Wide Tripper Seat Replacement. The advanced technology of Mustang is available to offer comfort when you ride your bike. This is an advanced and a new kind of custom seat for motorcycles. It aligns with all the major Harley Davidson models. It gives a curvy, cushioned place to sit while riding your bike. The construction is reliable due to the tested stitch work. The outer cover of the seat is made from glove-leather of a synthetic kind. Now, you can look stylish without compromising comfort when riding your bike. Just utilize this padded seat and upgrade your motorcycle seating.
  4. Mustang Motorcycle Seats One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat. Mustang offers a single-piece design of seat containing both front and rear seats in one. The driver seat is wide and deep pocketed to support the back. The rear seat is a little higher and extends a little forward to help the driver attain additional support for the lower back. In the front bucket, you will see a complete skirt containing a braided edge, leather Conchos, and chrome studs. The front-side width is 17.5 inches. This is the best motorcycle seat for long distance if you are going to ride with a partner.
  5. Mustang Wide Vintage Recessed Passenger Seat 79110. Give a vintage touch to your motorcycle seating with this design. This 13.5-inch wide seat is reliable in terms of all-day comfort. The Polyurethane foam provides a controlled density and reaches its original shape, no matter how long you sit on it. Hence, you can trust this design for ultimate comfort and long-term performance. The cover of the seat contains expanded vinyl of the highest standards. So, you can keep using this seat year after year without losing the level of comfort or appeal.

Finding the right seat for your motorcycle can be challenging, especially if it is one that is specially suited to withstand long rides while keeping you comfortable. It doesn’t have to be a headache, it doesn’t have to be frustrating, it doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge that leaves you guessing which one might be the right choice. We get it, there are tons of options out there to choose from. It can be daunting. So, let us take care of it! Here at Club ManDude it is our number one purpose to make life easier on you guys by meticulously sifting through all the options out there. We see it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let us bring you the good! We are confident that you are going to love these motorcycle seats. They are proven to be manufactured with high-quality products that create an enhanced durability and are made to last for ride after ride. Take a peek at them, you certainly will not be disappointed.

Now, we don’t expect you to know a bunch of motorcycle seat makers off the top of your head. But maybe you do! And kudos to you if you do, we definitely needed to do our homework to figure out the market and find the options that were going to be the best choices. Take our favorite, the Pro Pad Tech Series seat. There are plenty of reasons why it happens to be our favorite choice. But simply put, it allows riders to be seated in comfort no matter how long the ride may be. And that goes for all of our options! They have different manufacturing tactics such as using special gel to make the seat its most comfortable. If you take a look at the different options, we are confident you are going to see something here that you love. And hey, if you happen to find another option elsewhere that you think should be on our list, let us know! At the end of the day, we want to make sure we are up on all the latest, rad products so we can bring them straight to all our awesome Club ManDude readers.

It is also important to take into account the healthy body aspect of this article. Meaning that having the right seat can also keep your lower back in better shape. When you ride down the terrain on your motorcycle, you’re going to hit plenty of bumps. Each bump you hit sends a shockwave through the body that can take a toll over time. Having the right seat that provides the proper cushion will actually help to protect that area because it’s connected to the inner workings of your backside. It is all connected to each other through joints, tendons, muscles, and bone. So having proper protection for all of it is going to be a great benefit. Because we know how much our dudes love riding their bikes, we want to do it all the time! Help to keep that lower back proper with an amazing seat so you can just keep on riding for years to come.

Still not satisfied and need a little extra info? Don’t sweat it! Motorcycle seats aren’t a dirt cheap item, so we want you to be able to set yourself up with an option that’s going to be the perfect one for you. Nothing is more beneficial in the buying process than customers who have used these options before you and have provided an honest opinion. Verified buyer reviews on Amazon are an absolute goldmine of information when it comes to gathering more intel about a product. You may even get some motorcycle riders who review all the specifics about what exactly they like about these seats. We encourage you to give yourself a little more of an edge in the buying process. After all, it’s about helping you guys to make a choice that you are happy with.

Once you find that perfect seat, saddle up and get ready to ride! Noticing an immediate difference in the level of comfort is exactly what we want. We want you guys to sit on one of these seats for the first time and exclaim, “damn!” I feel like sometimes we take comfort for granted, so grabbing a motorcycle seat that is perfect for those long rides in the name of comfort is something we want all of our ManDudes to enjoy and appreciate. Be safe out there, fellas, and be sure to enjoy the ride!


Not all motorcycle seats are uncomfortable. There a few out there that are specifically made to keep you comfy during rides. These seats have certain qualities about them that you’ll want to keep an eye out for which are:

  • Reliable construction
  • Comfortable material
  • Deep pockets
  • Air-flow
  • Lower back support

Alright dudes, now you know exactly what to look for when you are looking for a motorcycle seat that is made for comfort. While a seat may not seem like that big of a deal in the beginning, if you are experiencing joint or back pain while riding, getting a new seat could be the perfect solution for you. Cheers, to no more uncomfortable motorcycle rides!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What type of motorcycle seats should I get for long-distance trips?

A) If you are planning to go on a long-distance trip, investing in good-quality seats would be a great choice. Mesh, gel, and air seats are some of the most common and effective options available when it comes to motorcycle seats.

Q) Do I need special seats for long distances?

A) Normal seats on your motorcycle are suitable only for short distances. They have minimal padding that will not offer the required comfort for long-distance trips. To avoid injuries and to ensure comfort during long-distance rides, you need something more than just the factory padding. And that’s why you need to buy the best seats for long distances.

Q) Are long-distance motorcycle seats expensive?

A) Not really. If you purchase from a reputed online store like Amazon, you can find the best quality long-distance motorcycle seats at the most affordable rates. You can also benefit from the several offers and discounts available on Amazon. In simple words, if you purchase wisely, you will get good-quality seats at reasonable prices.


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