Looks like you need the best motorcycle cover for outside storage. Let’s get after it…

While it would be nice, not all of us guys out there have garages we can store our vehicles in. Some of us have to park our vehicles either in a driveway or in-front of our home. While this seems pretty normal for cars, bikes are a bit of a different story.

Motorcycles are just not as closed off as cars are – they are more exposed to the elements, so they are much more susceptible to things like weather damage, break-ins and other outdoor hazards.  But lucky for us motorcycle enthusiasts, there is another solution –  ding ding ding! That’s right, fellas, that would be a motorcycle cover. Not sure which type of cover you should get or what exactly to look for? No problem! That’s why we’re here! We are going to be reviewing the best motorcycle covers for outside storage.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Dowco Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

This is a breathable, waterproof cover for your motorcycle to store your bikes inside or outside. The cover is capable of … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. Badass Motogear Ultimate Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. This waterproof cover fits sport bikes of all major models. You can use this cover when storing a motorcycle outdoors. The material quality is durable and sturdy that protects bikes against all outdoor weather conditions. The elastic hem and taped seams ensure top-notch wind shelter and waterproofing. The cover has a buckle closure system to hold its position and provide proper coverage in windy conditions. The design has night reflective properties along with exhaust shields and alarm/lock pockets. So, you can provide a safe shelter to your bike against sun, wind, rain, mildew, pollen, dust, dirt, birds and more.
  2. Dowco Guardian 05142 Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. This is a breathable, waterproof cover for your motorcycle to store your bikes inside or outside. The cover is capable of protecting against mildew, rain, UV rays and other weather conditions. The heat shielding technology keeps your bike cool in hot summer conditions. The design contains a ClimaShield fabric along with polyester fabric dyed with a special solution. On top of that, it contains a water-repellent coating. The windshield protection is ensured with soft cotton material. The vent system of this cover saves from the additional moisture accumulation.
  3. Anglink Waterproof All Weather Outdoor Motorcycle Cover. Anglink offers you its latest version of motorcycle cover with top-quality Oxford fabric 210D. The cover has better weather-resisting properties and successfully protects against wear and tear. The construction with 2-thread stitching provides precision and solid structure that ensures long-term performance. The waterproofing is trustworthy as this fabric can stand against 2000 Pa pressure of water. The internal layer has an additional film to protect against water. There are 2 lock holes in the cloth to ensure its safety against theft. You can use a lock to protect the cover, while the cover takes care of your bike’s safety against outdoor conditions.
  4. ClawsCover 3XL Motorcycle Covers Waterproof 420D Oxford. If you need real heavy-duty motorcycle cover, this is the one. This cover is the best motorcycle cover for outside storage due to its 420D oxford material. The quality of its cloth extends the performance life and excellence of protection. It is windproof, waterproof, tear-proof and anti-aging cover to be used in all weather conditions. This motorcycle cover has a universally fitting size for all kinds of bike models, from a cruiser and tour bikes to sports bikes, Suzuki, Honda, Harley Davidson and others. No need to worry about heavy winds, as it contains 3 straps and 2 vents to keep the cover intact in strong windy conditions.
  5. Dowco Guardian 50004-02 WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. This is the extra-large cover design provided by the brand Dowco. It has superior fabric quality to work against UV rays, water, wind, dust, and other outdoor elements. There are multiple layers of materials such as ClineShield, Polyester, and cotton to provide the necessary protection. The vent system is available to control the moisture and wind reaching inside. The locking system keeps the cover in its position. Plus, you get a hole sewn-in to add an alarm system. The product has a manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Finding the best cover for your motorcycle to store it outside can be a challenge. There are so many different options out there in the plethora of products among the far reaches of the internet. It can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge. Enter Club ManDude, who is simply here to make your life easier. Let us take the burden of finding all the best options out there, it’s our duty to find all the best stuff to show our readers. When we can find the five best options for your motorcycle cover and our guys dig the choices we came up with, that completely fulfills what we do here! When you can save time and money, it frees you up to do even more of the things you love. Plus, we know how much you love your bike. We’re motorcycle riding dudes who love our babies, too! So having the proper protective gear when you have to keep her outside is going to keep you both happy. The motorcycle covers that we have found for outside storage will light you up with excitement to keep your bike protected and in the best shape possible.

We don’t expect you to know all the best motorcycle cover brands off the top of your head. Plus, there are lots of options to choose from. And if you do know which are the best, good on you. Because we had to take the time to make sure we were nailing down the best options money can buy. Take our number one choice, the Dowco Waterproof Motorcycle Cover. This bad boy will keep your bike looking clean and safe from the elements for a great price. And if you check out our other options, which are all excellent in their own way, you will find great bike covers to protect your motorcycle at prices that are comparable. That’s right, getting the right motorcycle cover does not have to break the bank. You can get an affordable option that is super effective and won’t default under pressure. Each one of these options has their own unique features and are made of high-quality materials that are meant to last.

Take a look at the price tags! You are sure to be pleased by the fact that each motorcycle cover is in a similar price range while delivering you the goods, motorcycle protection that will keep your bike looking its best. That’s the name of the game here. Because you want to be out riding in style, decked out in the right gear, with a clean, undamaged motorcycle that is going to turn heads. We know how much you love your ride, and we want to help give you everything you need to show it that love. That includes the perfect motorcycle cover. One of the great benefits of finding a great product from a company, also, is that you are sure to find other awesome products that they make as well. Take a peek at some of the other offerings these companies have, you may just find some other cool gear to get with your new bike cover.

Still not convinced? We’ve got you covered. One of the best parts of being able to buy anything from the internet is the fact that you can very simply take a look at what other people are saying about the products you’re considering purchasing. And on Amazon, they can verify the buyers so you know the review you’re reading is coming from an actual consumer who used the product. If we didn’t bring you products with overwhelmingly positive reviews, we just wouldn’t be doing our job, would we? Sure, you may come across a negative review here and there. Not everyone is going to appreciate these motorcycle covers quite like you do, so check out the comments! Get an idea of exactly what it is that motorcycle owners truly love about these bike covers. You may find some features that pique your interest and help you to make a choice. Give yourself an extra edge before you decide what to buy!

All we want for our Club ManDude motorcycle riders is to protect your bike, keep it clean, and have a nice cover that’s approved to handle the outdoor elements. We are confident that the five choices we compiled will give you something to work with. The name of the game is bringing you all the best stuff as we try to make life easier for our guys. Having five options to choose from as opposed to hundreds will totally keep things simple. Because we want you to have more time to get out there and do what you love most, riding. Be safe out there, guys, and happy riding!


It’s only natural that you would want a cover for your motorcycle. Anyone who cares about their bike would. The covers that we reviewed in this guide are some of the best that are available out there. When choosing the top covers we looked for specific qualifiers like:

  • Weather durability
  • Long-term performance
  • Theft safety
  • Universal fit
  • Internal layer for added protection
  • Warranty

That’s it guys! If you want an amazing cover for your bike, it’s as easy as following the above criterion to make sure that you get the cover and the protection that your bike deserves!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Do I need a motorcycle cover?

A) Well, if you are going to keep your motorcycle outside in the open, a motorcycle cover is a must. The motorcycle cover will protect your motorcycle from external particles like moisture and dirt and keep your motorcycle clean. The cover also acts as a scratch protector for your motorcycle in the open.


Q) Do I need a motorcycle cover if I keep my motorcycle in the garage?

A) A motorcycle cover is always a useful product. If you use your motorcycle frequently but keep it inside the garage, you may not feel the need to use a cover. However, a cover comes in handy if you travel and may not use the motorcycle for several days.

Q) How much should I spend on a motorcycle cover?

A) Motorcycle covers are not that expensive, so you can easily get the best one within your budget. If you purchase online on Amazon, you can find several great motorcycle covers at affordable prices than anywhere else. So if you purchase wisely, you will not be spending much.

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