Looking for the Best Wireless Mouse for Large Hands? Let’s Get After It…

Our bodies – and their parts – come in all shapes and sizes. This includes your hands. All the tech out there claiming to be “hands-on” doesn’t seem to grasp that concept, though. This is especially true for those of us on the larger side of the hands department. Sure, that can be a blessing in a number of ways, but big paws don’t always provide the best tech experiences. Your keyboard feels too small, your phone is harder to grip, and your mouse doesn’t feel as responsive.

When it comes to that final point, though, there are options for you. Having large hands shouldn’t stop you from smooth, comfortable mouse navigation. And since using a wired mouse is all but dead in the world today, going wireless is key. To find the right wireless mouse for users with large hands, we’ve looked at a number of options and narrowed them down to the best – those that are user-friendly, sleek, and responsive in every sense. If you’re a computer user with large hands and you’re looking for the right wireless mouse, browse these options first.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Completely rechargeable, this mouse protects you from having interrupted performance and using batteries. The built-in battery and fewer movable parts keep the design light in weight. The bottom shell is … Read More on Amazon

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$39.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $39.99.


  1. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse. With a shape perfectly sculpted for comfortable handling, this mouse offers cross computer controllability. You can seamlessly navigate functions in 3 computers at once. It allows copy-pasting images, text, and different files between three computers. The connectivity is wireless with two options that are Bluetooth and Unifying receiver technology. The handcrafted structure provides comfortable support to your hand as well as the wrist. It gets your hand in a natural position to allow hours of work without feeling any strain or pain. The rechargeable battery takes one charge to perform for 70 days.
  2. Apple Magic Mouse 2. Completely rechargeable, this mouse protects you from having interrupted performance and using batteries. The built-in battery and fewer movable parts keep the design light in weight. The bottom shell is continuous and optimized for smooth movement. Along with all that, it has a shape that fits all hand sizes. The multi-touch top surface makes it easier for you to take action with simple gestures. The mouse can automatically pair with Mac, so you can immediately start to use it. The color is silver with a sleek design for proper hand rest and grip.
  3. Logitech MX Anywhere Wireless Mouse. Logitech has another model with cross computer functionalities. MX allows top-level performance with dual connectivity options. You can use Bluetooth Smart or Unifying receiver to connect the mouse wirelessly. The scrolling can get hyper-fast when you use this model. More importantly, it has a shape designed perfectly for large hand size. The buttons are placed to deliver comfortable reach and smooth clicking. The Darkfield sensor offers 4000 DPI and has the ability to track almost all kinds of surfaces. You can even put it on a glass table and enjoy flawless tracking. One charge allows the mouse to perform for 70 days.
  4. Logitech M705 Marathon Wireless Mouse. For great battery life and ergonomic shape, you can choose this model from Logitech. M705 saves battery automatically and provides a life of about 3 years. The smooth wheel has the hyper-fast function of scrolling. The shape has a right-handed structure designed ergonomically to ensure a natural position of your hand. The buttons are configurable as per your requirements. So, you can change button applications whenever needed. The unifying receiver allows you to simply take out the mouse from its package and start using immediately. All these features are why this is considered the best wireless mouse for large hands.
  5. Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse. For large hands, this model provides a smooth surface and a slim design. The ergonomic design impresses when you use the mouse, especially the anti-noise sensitive click. It doesn’t take any effort to press the button and you don’t hear any sound at all. The mouse has a small wireless receiver to help you connect and use easily. The connection stays stable and you receive power efficiency from the mouse. All these functions come with universal compatibility, so you can utilize this mouse on all different OS.

Almost every computer device is now going wireless so you don’t have to worry about putting wires all over the place.  From wireless mouse to wireless printers and scanners, now you can get almost any computer device without a wire.

It definitely took us some digging to find the right options, especially when most of us are using average sized hands to do the digging. Punny, I know. But in all seriousness, these options have been sculpted and crafted just right for the bigger, manlier hands of the bunch. They aren’t just wireless mice that are bigger in size, they’re devices that were carefully designed to satisfy those of us with even the largest of hands. The shape and aerodynamic designs are going to let you breathe a nice sigh of relief when you get to use one for the first time. We get it, you may skeptical! After all, there are plenty of other items out there aside from a mouse for your computer that may be difficult to keep those hands satisfied. New gloves, anyone? So, don’t worry. We pulled out all the stops and ramped-up our attention to details to find five of the best options for those larger than life hands of yours, big fella!

Final Thoughts…

Whether you use your computer for work, browsing social media, online shopping, or intense gaming, you interact with your mouse every single day. But mouse tech isn’t always intuitive for users with larger hands. By choosing from the options presented here, you’re on your way to a less frustrating and more comfortable experience. Plus, whether it’s a PC or Mac you’ve chosen for yourself, we have you covered for either. And the ergonomic designs of these bad boys will leave you happy that you found the right device, just for you and your bear paws. Each product has been cultivated for smooth clicking, unique button placement to compensate for hand size, and top of the line connectivity so you never have to concern yourself with your mouse becoming disconnected from your computer. Some options even have multiple connection options like Blu-tooth and Unifying receiver.

Just in case we haven’t provided enough details to satisfy you in your hunt for a new vertical wireless mouse, we thought you might enjoy a link so you can take a peek at each one for more details. Click any one of the links provided with each product and head right over to Amazon. Their site has tons of additional information about each mouse, so get meticulous and do some digging. We want you to! Providing you with the confidence to buy the device that is right for you is our main priority. So, providing as many details as we can will certainly help to leave you satisfied with your purchase. You can also find prices for each item, shipping details, and more over at Amazon. And one more thing, if you happen to find another device that suits your needs at a better price, it’s all good! We’d actually love to hear about it! In the end, as long as you find what is right for you and your bigger hands, that is what we care about most. Happy hunting out there!



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