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Tired of looking at that old stereo? We feel ya! Every once in a while, it’s time for a car to get a much needed interior upgrade. One of the best upgrades you can get is a new stereo, I mean who doesn’t want that in their car?
With that being said, there are a ton of different styles and varieties, but in this guide we break down the best touch screen car stereo with navigation included.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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ATOTO Car Navigation Stereo

In this model, the control panel has everything digital to find music, radio, and other multimedia. The operating … Read More on Amazon

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$159.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $159.99.


1. Podofo Car Stereo With GPS Navigation. Get ready to enjoy 7 inches of MP5 HD player with this car stereo. It has a digital touch screen display that also shows you GPS navigation. The LCD screen has a dynamic interface, showing everything in the menu system. The AUX input allows you to use mobile phones, MP3, music players as well as other devices. In fact, you can use it for rear view with its backup camera. The device has Externa GPS navigation compatibility to show you the path you are on. The stereo audio quality is exceptional with immediate access to strong fidelity.

2. ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth. In this model, the control panel has everything digital to find music, radio, and other multimedia. The operating system supports Android and offers highly customizable features to match the needs of your car. You get Bluetooth hands-free, AUX input, dash camera and a lot more. The device boots within 2 seconds of starting your car. The device offers Bluetooth connectivity and a strong USB drive support to help you enjoy music. The display helps with navigation and allows you to access everything via screen through a single touch on the stereo screen.

3. BOSS Audio BV9386NV Navigation Car Stereo. In the 6.2 inches of a touch screen, you get all the desired features of a navigation car stereo. The GPS allows you to see pre-loaded points, no matter where you are in the 50 states. The GPS guides until you reach your destination. You can use the screen to see 3D and 2D maps as well. The Bluetooth compatibility allows you to make your calls hands-free. So, you can attend a call without distracting yourself from the road. This device can play music and video in any format you desire.

4. Sarcch 7 Inch Touch Screen Android Car Stereo in Dash GPS Navigation. This Android car stereo has QuadCore 7.1 technology and offers connectivity with smartphones and FM/AM. The screen size is 7 inches diagonally, which makes its touch screen features convenient to use. The stereo display offers HD definition picture quality and supports Android as well as iPhone smartphones. In fact, you can connect it via Wi-Fi hotspots as well. The navigation system provides an offline map via any of your favorite navigation apps. The stereo allows you to download and play music, videos, and other content. You can access online music or transfer via a flash drive.

5. Corehan 7 inch Touch Screen in Dash Car GPS Navigation System. When you need the best touch screen car stereo with navigation, Corehan impresses with its multimedia car stereo. This stereo design has a 7-inch size of a touch screen that allows you to play videos and listen to music and radio. Bluetooth connectivity and USB provide more ease to receiving music and other content. The GPS system is available to help with maps and assistance during navigation. The software is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices.

We get it, having a dope navigation system in your car equipped with a beautiful stereo is a game changer for any guy. It makes life easier by guiding you exactly where you need to go while playing all your favorite tunes and podcasts. Having a system that is easy to use, affordable, and that lasts is going to be a beautiful thing. You will absolutely notice the difference when you’re traveling in the car. And it makes things safer too! Having an easy to use navigation while out on the road will keep your eyes right where they should be, on the road. And having a nice, big, clear display will help keep you safe by allowing you to simply and briefly glance at your screen while driving down the road so you know exactly where you’re going without the potential to tie up one of your hands messing with your phone. That’s a big no, no, fellas! But we are confident in the list we have compiled for you to help you find the best product that will help keep you safe and get you to your destination every time.

So let’s talk about brands while we’re at it. Because that is certainly going to be an important determining factor behind the choice you make. And it can also be a huge benefit, because a manufacturer that makes one quality product typically makes many. So you may just find a bunch of cool toys to add to your collection once you find the right navigation to suit your needs. The favored navigation system on our list is the ATOTO navigation system with stereo. It has everything you need and more, plus it is affordable! It’s not the most expensive item on our list, but it also isn’t the cheapest either. It is a nice middle ground that gives you an amazing product that is quality made to last and will keep you occupied before you get on the road with all the cool perks it has to offer. And that goes for any of the systems we’ve chosen! They all have their own great, unique qualities that separate themselves from each other in a positive way. Because it gives you the opportunity to find the one that has all the features you’re looking for.

And how about some reviews? Nothing says “buy this product” quite like other consumers who have bought and tried them on their own before you. Amazon is a total treasure trove of information from real people who have used the products with success. And hey, not everyone is going to have positive things to say about every product they review. But with these navigation systems, you are typically going to get great, positive reviews from people who have been very happy using these products. Do yourself a little research so you know just which system is going to be “the one”. We absolutely believe you will know it, too, once you’ve found. Plenty of guys know exactly what they want, right when they see it. And we want that to be you too! So, take a peek at the buzz around town to see what people say about these navigation systems. You will not be disappointed.

We also mentioned prices a moment ago, which of course is another important aspect of your purchase. Finding the right product for the right price can be difficult, but we’re here to make life simple. We want things to be easy for you guys, so we went ahead and took our time to research not only the best quality products, but the best bang for your buck as well. The great part of it being you don’t have to purchase the most expensive option money can buy to get a great product. Like we mentioned, our favorite is more centered in price. Go with your gut! You’ll know when it’s the right system that provides you with exactly what you’re looking for; an amazing navigation system with an excellent stereo. Such a winning combination when you find the right one. Add to that a nice sound system and you’ll be rocking out wherever you go.

Last but not least, let’s touch a little more on quality over quantity. Quality sets you up right, obviously, so that even if you end up spending a little more the product will still last. Nothing sucks more than buying a product wanting to save some money, only to have it crap out way before it should. Which then leads to spending more money to replace it. Let’s eliminate all that! Our motive is to take out the guesswork while bringing you the best options money can buy. And we are typically pretty good at keeping our finger on the pulse of whichever products we are bringing to you. Especially when it comes to technology. Navigation system stereo combinations come in all shapes and sizes, some options better than others. So we wanted to be certain the five options we compiled to bring to you would be the best of the best.


Don’t get lost in the sauce! Stay on track with these awesome car stereos with navigation included. All of these stereo navigations include features like, hands-free control, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX input and dash cameras as well.
Everything you need in a car stereo and more!

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