So it looks like you need the best tires for a Subaru Outback. We got you! Let’s get after it…

So, you own a Subaru Outback. You learned when you got this SUV that it needs to be cared for, given the proper attention and kept in prime condition. I mean, everyone wants this for their vehicle, right? If you’ve landed on this article, we know you do for sure!
One of the most important exterior pieces of a car is its tires. I mean, a car doesn’t even move without its tires right? But when searching for tires you don’t just want any ole’ tire, you want the best of the best for your Subaru and that’s exactly what we’ve given you in this guide. We’ll be getting into the best tires for a Subaru Outback.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Hankook Radial Tire

Have the convenience of riding comfortably with this all-season tire design. It offers tread wear safety for 70,000 miles, which is perfect to gain … Read More on Amazon

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$73.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $73.99.


1. Cooper Evolution Tour All- Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95H. Receive top-notch protection of treads for 60,000 miles. This tire design ensures safety during every turn with stability, flexing and gripping. No matter what the road conditions are, you can trust the construction of this tire. There is a unique tread pattern to offer a smooth ride without making any noise even at high speeds. So, you can enjoy listening to music instead of hearing the sound of tires all the time. The features are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. The lightweight design provides fuel efficiency to your car by improving the mileage.

2. Hankook Kinergy ST H735 All-Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95H. Have the convenience of riding comfortably with this all-season tire design. It offers tread wear safety for 70,000 miles, which is perfect to gain value for the money invested. The tire has a speed rating of “H”, which lets you drive at highway car speeds without worrying about any tire issues. At the same time, the smooth drives help you get better mileage out of your car. The tires have a lightweight construction that supports better comfort and efficiency. So, you can trust this tire model for all the right reasons.

3. Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Touring Radial Tire – 225/60R17 99T. A radial tire to help you go long-distance in all seasons! The tread design supports in every weather condition. It has a unique design that keeps the car stable and provides enhanced protection while turning. The traction and broad surface area provide comfort when driving. The size aligns with most car models, so you can choose this one for your car. The durability allows the design to support for thousands of miles, after which, you can replace them with new ones. The same level of comfort is achievable in rainy and low-temperature conditions as well.

4. Cooper Evolution Tour All- Season Radial Tire-225/60R17 99T. This tire model offers protection against tread wear successfully for 65,000 miles. The tire offers a radial design for confidence and stability when driving and taking turns. The noise-canceling feature allows the tires to ride smoothly, even at high speeds. The design is lightweight due to a unique technology utilized by Cooper Evolution. This way, you get to save money on engine maintenance and fuel. Along with all the features, you will be impressed by the style of these tires, which makes them the best tires for hot climates.

5. Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire – 225/55R17 101V. This all-season tire design offers a wide size and advanced tread wear safety. The design allows water to reach the center, so the tires provide solid grip and stability in all kinds of roads and weather conditions. The construction allows smooth driving experience at every speed without damaging the mileage of your car. In fact, the tire’s construction supports the driving mechanism, which helps you make your vehicle more efficient. These radial tires have the size of 225/55R17, which should align with your required size.

The tires mentioned in this article are some of the best tires available specifically for a Subaru Outback. They all have amazing traction, high durability for different weather conditions, and maximum comfort. Now, it’s all a matter of seeing which one of these particular tires are best for you and your budget.

We get it, having the best tires for your vehicle is a game changer. Add to the fact that Subaru’s are all-wheel drive and you have the culmination of a fun, safe vehicle. And that goes for just about any conditions too! There can be rain, sleet, or snow. These tires will keep you safe and secure while you’re on the road with good traction, as well as treads that are going to last. It can tough to navigate the marketplace while trying to find the right tires. Totally understandable. That’s why we’re here! We get an opportunity to take some of the guesswork out of the situation for you so you can easily find the set of tires that is going to have your Subaru handling like a champ during every drive. Subaru’s are great cars, why not treat them like the badass rides that they are?

In regard to tires, brand is always going to be a factor. When you look at the manufacturers that have been around for the longest, making quality tires for all, you can typically find the source of a good quality product. And that’s not to say we would ever add low-quality tires to the list, but there is definitely something to be said about personal preference and tire makers that are known for great quality. Finding a tire brand that you love doesn’t have to be a huge hassle, nor does it have to give you a headache. We can help make the decision easy by compiling the five best options we think money can buy. Our favorite on the list is the Hankook Radial Tire, it’s a great option for Subaru’s and many drivers of the make depend on Hankook. Our options will be similar in pricing, so it may boil down to picking the brand that you feel is right. Whichever tire you do pick, we’ve got your back with some great options and great brands!

And speaking of price, just because an option is the most expensive on the list doesn’t necessarily mean it will end up being our favorite. Take the Hankook tires for example. They are not the highest priced item on the list, yet we think they are the best option. The great characteristic of our list of tires is that they are all high-quality no matter which ones you happen to pick. And if you happen to find a set of tires not on our list that you think is even better, we would love to hear about it. That’s our job! To make sure that we are on top of our game by ensuring that we are always trying to find the products out there that are the best of the best. That is especially true when it comes to tires because there is a safety aspect at play. Having the right tires will keep you safer on the road because they will handle better and will typically have treads that last longer than others. Buying tires can also be easier than you think because most manufacturers can you tell you roughly how many miles the tires will last.

Don’t be afraid to check out some review either! We absolutely encourage it because you can hear exactly what other drivers think of these tires before you purchase them. Buying the perfect set of tires because of word of mouth reviews can be a real good feeling. Nothing helps quite like people being honest on Amazon. The internet has blessed us with a lot of amazing tools, online reviews being one of them. You can get the good, the bad, and the ugly by perusing the reviews. The good news is you won’t see a whole lot of negativity surrounding these tires. We made certain that the tires we were bringing to you would be acceptable options no matter which ones you pick. It brings us great joy when our Club ManDude readers find the perfect option because they did a little homework and found a review that gave them everything they needed. Priceless.

Always rely on high-quality products, especially when you’re purchasing car parts. And even more so when it’s tires! As we mentioned, tires enhance safety. When you get in the car, you are driving a weapon, and having worn tires that are low-quality can endanger others on the road due to a lack of control. The sentiment is increased when it comes to passengers. When you have others riding in the car with you, they are trusting you with their life. And of course we have to be even more careful if there are kids in the car. If you have the right tires installed on your car, we guarantee every drive will be safer. We want you to enjoy the ride! Knowing that you are operating a safe vehicle can allow you to better enjoy the open road.


After grabbing one of these bad boys, not only will you thank yourself, but your Subaru will thank you too!

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