Looking for the Best Tires For Rain Driving? Let’s Get After It…

We live in a world of constant movement. We know how much you have to do on a daily basis – I mean, it must be hard being one of the most important dudes like in the history of ever. You have places to be and things to do, and you have to get them done no matter the weather. You can’t let a little rain stop you. Unfortunately, there are countless accidents every year due to rain. Having the right tires can be the best way to avoid being involved in one yourself.

Listen, not to get a little grim, but we just want you and everyone else to be safe! Driving the rain can be deceivingly difficult; I know sometimes it’s hard to admit that doing the safe thing is cool, but dude, trust me… safety is the new cool. Like, you’re going to pick up a million more girls if you’re being safe rather than doing something that could be dangerous to not only yourself, but every other driver on the road. So, bcause your safety is a priority – and we also want you to be a hit with the ladies – we’ve compiled a list of the best tires for driving in the rain. We studied all the options, focusing on aspects such as design, traction, tire weight and width, speed ratings, and smoothness of ride. Then we narrowed the choices down to the five best products. So let’s go fellas – it’s time to get reading so we can make you the safest dude on the road.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Michelin Primacy 3 GRNX Tire

This model is well-known for its performance on dry as well as wet pavements. The tire has its innovative sipe technology of auto-blocking along with a … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. TreadWright CLAW M/T Tire – Remold USA – LT 245/75R16 E. Receive premium quality tread wear with this model. The tread wear performance assurance is about 40,000 miles along with excellent cut resistance. The mud terrain is aggressive, which allows the tires to clean the lugs automatically and deliver maximum traction. The sidewalls are reinforced and remolded to provide additional puncture resistance and strength. The tire quality is backed with 2 years of workmanship warranty. All in all, it has every property required for rain driving conditions. The section width is 245 mm, while the rim diameter is 16 inches. And you get tread depth of 0.55 inches.
  2. Maxxis P185/80R13 MA-1 90S WW White Wall Tire. The manufacturer warranty on this model is for about 60,000 miles. The design has a white wall suitable for passenger vehicles. The high-performing radial design supports stability and traction when riding in rainy conditions. The weight of each tire is 21 pounds with a section width of about 185 mm. The rim diameter is 13 inches with a load index of 90 and speed rating of “S”. This tire model serves for long miles to ensure a smooth drive every time you are out in rainy conditions.
  3. TreadWright CLAW II M/T Tire. Tread rubber construction provides 40,000 miles of performance guarantee along with chip as well as cut resistance. The mud terrains are aggressive in design to provide top-level traction. The tire quality is capable of resisting punctures due to its reinforced sidewalls. The section width of this model is 235 mm with the rim diameter of 17 inches. The speed rating for this tire is “Q” and the tread depth is 0.55 inches. The rating for load index is 117, but the most interesting feature would be the 7.2 inches of tread width.
  4. Michelin Primacy 3 GRNX Tire – 235/45R18 98Y. This model is well-known for its performance on dry as well as wet pavements. The tire has its innovative sipe technology of auto-blocking along with a patented tread rubber compound. The technology of Zero Pressure allows the sidewalls to enforce more power to the tire. This way, you can drive your car even without any air pressure for about 50 miles. The construction quality supports a quiet ride. The brand ensures precision in designing and manufacturing with computer optimization. It helps to block road noise and vibrations. The section width of this tire is 235 mm.
  5. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Winter Radial Tire – 215/60R16 95H. The hydrophilic coating in this model provides additional support in rainy, snowy or icy road conditions. The construction is optimized to distribute pressure equally in the whole cavity. Hence, the tire ensures proper traction on the road. Along with that, there are bite particles that perform with excellence in achieving road grip. The sipes of zigzag shape provide additional grip on the edges as well. All these features make this model one of the best tires for rain driving. The tire construction has a radial design.

Even if you don’t necessarily need new tires right away, it might be worth it to invest in some of these bad boys. Who knows, your tires actually might be pretty bad when it comes to driving in the rain and you could be risking it every time you drive in that bad weather. I think it’s better to be safe than to be sorry, so maybe just give some of these tires a try! Even if you just take a look at the links and do some research, a little bit can really go a long way in the long run. You might actually find a set you really like!

Final Thoughts…

All of the tires in this list are specifically designed to handle rough weather, so you’re sure to have less slippage on the road. That’s important to avoid being involved in a traffic collision due to rain. We’re confident that the recommendations here are among the best available. But, let’s say for some reason none of these tires are really speaking to you or maybe none of them seem to suit the look of your car or something like that. No need to fear my dude. Because you read this guide, you have everything it takes to go looking for your own set of tires, whether it be online or in a store. If you click on just one of those links, you can start looking through every set of tires that Amazon has to offer to find the best fit for you and your car. Just make sure to remember that, even though looking dope is a priority, you have to pay attention to the traction, the width of the tire and how smooth those beauties will drive. If you keep all of this in mind and do some searching, I promise you a pair of snow tires will just start calling out to you… they’ll choose you.

Whether it’s for work or fun, most of us drive every single day. And since we can’t control the weather, we have to take steps to ensure the safety of ourselves and everyone else on the road. To be sure that you’re still safe while driving in the rain, we really hope you consider the tires that we gave to you on this list, or at least you look for some on your own. I promise dudes, being safe is the new cool. You’ll make all of the ladies impressed and all of your friends will start to want to be you… you’ll be the #1 dude in town. Go out and get some tires now buddy – you’ll thank us next time it rains.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Do I need separate tires for rain?

A) During the rainy season, the road conditions are not very good for the usual tires. The usual tires do not provide the best grip on the wet and slushy roads, and the tires also get worn out quickly. That’s why you need special tires with superior wet grip for rain driving.

Q) What is a wet grip?

A) Wet grip is the term used to define a tire’s ability to grip in wet conditions. The tires designed for wet conditions like snow, rain, and wet dirt often have a thick tread with deep grooves that offer superior wet grip and better control driving on wet surfaces.

Q) Do I have to change all 4 tires for rain?

A) Changing only two tires or mixing different tire types compromises the grip and safety. The uneven grip on your tires can cause your car to skid easily, resulting in accidents. So if you are changing tires for the rainy season, make sure that you change all four tires for maximum efficiency.

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