If you interviewed a dozen women about that one thing which excites them about men, more than half are likely to say that it all boils down to a man’s choice in body wash.  True or false?  FALSE.  Maybe in a parallel universe, fellas.  Even so, does this mean you should just not think at all about what your body wash smells like?  Nope.  That’s like saying you shouldn’t think at all about what kind of deodorant you wear.  And obviously that’s hot nonsense.  These are just things the contemporary man-dude must consider.

So, body wash, let’s discuss, shall we? Fragrance really is a matter of personal choice, so when we talk of the best smelling men’s body wash, there really is no one right answer. Be that as it may, we like a challenge. So, in this post, we aim to defy the odds, and just take this thing by the horns – we’re going to find the best smelling men’s body wash, even if it kills us.  So let’s get to it!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

NIVEA Men Platinum Body Wash

Nivea is a known brand when it comes to products for men, and this particular body was previously known as Nivea Men Platinum Protect Body Wash. The product features an Ocean Burst … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the 5 best smelling body wash products for men

Brands are spending considerable money to launchexclusive lines of grooming products for men, and not surprisingly, there is no shortage of body wash options available.  Most of these products tend to have what are commonly considered to be masculine fragrances.  Think woodsy and sharp, not floral and soft.  Anywho, dudes, so, we tried a bunch of products and found the below five to be the crème of the crop:

  1. 63 Men’s Shower Gel. This is a two-in-one lathering hair and body wash gel that’s has a classic fragrance that men would associate with. It has been formulated with glycerin and has shea oil, Aloe Vera that nourishes your skin. It rinses off easily and keeps hair and skin hydrated. Since this is a complete product, you don’t need a shampoo, which is great for traveling. The scent is a mix of aromas with a citrus top note and a hint of spice and cedar wood. Ideal for daily use.
  2. NIVEA Men Odor Protect Body Wash. Nivea is a known brand when it comes to products for men, and this particular body was previously known as Nivea Men Platinum Protect Body Wash. The product features an Ocean Burst scent and ensures long-lasting odor control. Nivea has a whole range of body washes, but we really liked how masculine this one scented.
  3. Dial Body Wash, Himalayan Salt (Pack of 4). If you want a set of body washes that’s meant for the entire family, this product from Dial that contains four bottles is a steal. The product is formulated with natural things like the Himalayan salt that works wonders on the skin, while the exfoliating scrubbers gently exfoliate. Dial Body Wash is designed for everyday use, and we recommend this one for those who prefer a strong scent that’s not very masculine.
  4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Body Wash, Cool Mist Scent (Pack of 4). Amazon’s own brand Solimo launched a whole bunch of skincare and grooming products, and this set contains four bottles of their classic body wash that has a cool mist scent. It has a pretty similar scent as compared to that of Dial Spring Water Hydrating Body Wash. For the summers, you don’t need anything more.
  5. Puracy Natural Body Wash, Sulfate-Free Bath and Shower Gel. Although this is not exclusively designed for men, Puracy is a brand that’s known for its plant-powered formulas. This is a coconut-based cleanser that creates rich foam, and it contains sea salt that purifies and balances. Ideal for men and women alike, the product ensures hydration and is easy to rinse off. The product doesn’t contain sulfates, cocomidopropyl betaine, parabens, phosphates, or petroleum-based ingredients.

How to choose the best smelling men’s body wash?

Ideally, start with what kind of scent that interests you the most. A lot of men have a thing for spicy, masculine fragrances, while others don’t mind going for a more unisex vibe to their man-scents.  Do you, bruv, that’s the bottom line here. It is also a good idea to consider the formulation of the product. If you can find a quality body wash that does not contain as many chemicals and parabens, that’s obviously an advantage. Note that too many chemicals could eventually harm the skin, and since people use a body wash every day, the product should probably be non-toxic, right? Right. The brand is also pretty important. Some brands like Puracy and Nivea have been around for years, and have a certain reliability and trust they have built with consumers over time.

Final Word

The choice of a body wash is a personal choice, no way around that.  We just recommend that you do your research before choosing one. Also remember you’re not locked in to whatever you choose – if you want to mix it up, by all means, do it!  Now off you go, fellas.  Go forth, unafraid, and get yourself some great smelling body wash, post haste!  Why?  Because you deserve it.  That’s why.  Onward and upward.

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