Looks like you need the best motorcycle glasses for the wind. Let’s get after it…

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle for any period of time, I’m sure you can agree with us when we say that having the wind blowing in your face is an enjoyable experience, except when you’re hitting 70+mph on the highway. At that point it can become an annoying distraction and a hindrance to your riding enjoyment. As the wind gets stronger, you have to squint your eyes to see, while keeping the sun out of your eyes and still being able to watch out for pedestrians and cars – but luckily there’s a solution to this issue!

We are going to be talking about some of the best motorcycle glasses for wind, so that we can help you to nip this annoying issue in the bud, right here, and right now!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

AULLY PARK Motorcycle Riding Glasses

These polarized sunglasses are padded with high-quality foam. The lens material is strong, scratch-resisting and shatterproof. At the same time, it … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


  1. WYND Blocker Vert Motorcycle Wrap Around Polarized Sunglasses. These polarized glasses are the protective layers you need for your eyes during a motorcycle ride. The stylish appeal of white plastic frame suits a biker’s personality. The lens width is 60 mm, which contains UV 400 100 percent shielding blocks. The lens protects your eyes from UVA and UVB sun rays. At the same time, you get to see genuine colors without any glaring, reflection of scattering of light. The lenses have a hard coating of Triacetate Cellulose to protect your glasses from high-wind scratches and impacts. The eyeliner is removable and you get rubber earpieces to ensure a strong grip of the glasses when riding.
  2. AULLY PARK Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses. These polarized sunglasses are padded with high-quality foam. The lens material is strong, scratch-resisting and shatterproof. At the same time, it provides UV400 protection, which is necessary during long rides. There are different lens choices to change the color of your glasses. The plastic frame is stylish black with ear pads made from rubber. The shape of the frame covers your eyes and holds its position in windy conditions. You get a cleaning cloth as well as a case to store these sunglasses.
  3. Bertoni Motorcycle Goggles Photochromic Antifog Lens. A polycarbonate frame with anti-crash properties in mat black color! The size fits all face shapes from large to narrow. The lens has a unique Photochromic Anti-fog technology and reacts automatically to the UV rays and light. Hence, you get a clear view in all weather conditions from summer to foggy winters. You can rely on these sunglasses for a strong grip and UV protection during your rides. The elastic strap allows the goggles to hold the position on your eyes. The curvy shape covers your eyes to protect impressively against particles and strong winds.
  4. 7eye by Panoptx, Diablo, Wind Blocking Eyewear. These sunglasses give you specially designed eyecup soft foam to lock moisture in, and provide protection against dust, wind, dry-eye, and pollen. You can remove the foam eyecup whenever not required. The lenses are polarized to ensure superior protection against glaring and reflection. The lens offers you a sharp view with complete UV protection. The durability is impressive as well due to its shatter-resistant polycarbonate design. The shape and material of the frame provide much-needed flexibility, comfort and great fit. It has all the qualities of the best motorcycle glasses for wind.
  5. MF Payback Sunglasses for Motorcycle Rides. Stylish black frame with UV 400 polycarbonate lenses. It has an anti-fog coating on both sides and serves for a long time with shatterproof quality. The ear pads are made from a comfortable rubber material to hold the position of the frame in windy conditions. The width of the frame is 5.5 inches and the width of the lens is 2.75 inches. The bridge between the lenses has a width of 0.875 inches. The color is black, which suits all riding suits and jackets. The design covers your eyes to protect against dust, wind, and dryness when riding a bike.

Having the wind in your face while you’re riding your motorcycle is the bees knees. We totally get it, we’re bike-riding dudes who love being on the open road too. But sometimes that wind gets kicking and it’s tough to keep your eyes on the road when it’s blowing right in your face. So let us give you a hand, we have tracked down the five best options out there for your money and we’re confident you are going to love these motorcycle glasses designed to handle the wind. Finding that perfect pair of glasses does not have to be a huge frustration. Let’s not turn it into a hassle that becomes this big challenge because there are just so many different options out there. Let Club ManDude take all the guesswork out of the situation by taking the time and taking on the challenge to find the absolute best options out there. Because we are here to make life simpler for you guys! If we can save you time by making it easy to figure out which pair of glasses are going to be the best, then we are doing our job. When you save all that time by not having to search high and low for glasses, it gives you even more time to do what you love most, ride that motorcycle.

Now, when you compare the price tags on these bad boys, you will see the variance in the prices. But all that means is that we were able to find five different options for those looking to splurge a little more, or those who are working with a budget. Either way, any of these options are going to set you up right with an awesome pair of biking glasses that are designed to block the wind from hindering your ability to see the road while you’re out riding. Take our favorite option, for instance, the AULLY PARK Motorcycle Riding Glasses. They are actually one of the more affordable options, yet they are our favorite. And for good reason! The design of these glasses is perfect for riding and they look great when you wear them. You can also choose from different colors and designs, depending on your preference. And our other four options are amazing, too. Take a look at what each option has to offer as far as features and design. You can find a new, rad pair of glasses that look awesome right here and now without having to think too much about it.

Each brand that we have accumulated has a lot of skin in the game when it comes to great motorcycle glasses that will block the wind. Bertoni, 7Eye, MF Payback, and WYND have all cultivated different sets of glasses made specifically for those of us riding a vehicle that has the wind blowing through your hair and in your face. With ergonomic designs and durable material, every one of these companies makes awesome motorcycle glasses. And the great thing about a manufacturer making one awesome product is that they typically have a bunch of cool stuff to check out. So once you find your glasses, peruse the other offerings of these companies if the mood should strike.

Let’s say you want a little more info. We got you there, too. Having the internet at your fingertips elevates the possibilities that come from the age of information. And nobody is more honest on the internet than people reviewing products they’ve purchased for the first time. Take a look at what other bikers are saying about these glasses, we are certain you will love what they have to say. Sure, you may come across a negative review here or there. Can’t make everyone happy. But we made certain to bring you options that have a majority of positive reviews. Hey, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we recommended a bunch of items with negative reviews now, would we? And you may get an opportunity to see what other bikers love (or don’t love) about these glasses to give you an extra edge while deciding. It’s all about the look, comfort, and features.

Getting out on the open road as much as you can is probably your strongest desire. And we totally co-sign it! Nothing beats being able to get out there without a care in the world to simply ride to your heart’s content. On those windy days, it is always best to have an added layer of protection for your eyes. Obviously, they are important to have a clear line of site so you can always see the road and know where you’re going. And wearing a pair of motorcycle glasses doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or wear a pair that doesn’t look awesome. Once you find your new pair of spectacular glasses, get back out there to do what you love most, ride that motorcycle, baby!


If you want some high-quality motorcycle glasses for wind, look out for these components:

  • Scratch-resisting
  • Shatterproof
  • UV protection
  • Anti-fog
  • Polarized lens
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Strong grip

Making sure that your potential glasses have at least some of these features will ensure that you get a nice, pair of high-quality motorcycle glasses that’ll protect your eyes from those strong winds!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Can I wear just any sunglasses for long rides?

A) Normal sunglasses do protect from direct sunlight, but they do not offer much protection against wind. If you plan to go on long motorcycle rides, you must get yourself the best motorcycle glasses for wind. These glasses will protect your eyes from wind and dirt during long rides.

Q) How are motorcycle glasses for wind different from normal sunglasses?

A) Motorcycle glasses for wind have a unique shape that shields your eyes from high-speed winds. These glasses have an aerodynamic shape that keeps the glasses in place and tight at high speeds and prevents the wind from making contact with your eyes.

Q) Are motorcycle glasses for wind expensive?

A) You can find highly affordable motorcycle glasses online on Amazon. You can select the color, design, and model of your choice, and you will have the best glasses for wind delivered to you at your address. When you purchase online, you can find great deals and offers that can reduce the cost even further.

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