Want to Take on Medical School with the Best Laptop for the Job?

Picture this: you just finished your undergrad and you concentrated in pre-med or anything else that falls under the umbrella of medical work. You’re about to be on your way to your dream med school, ready to take on the world and some of the most challenging educational moments of your life. You know you’ll want to rip out your hair a little bit here and there, but you also know that in the end, all your blood, sweat and tears (literally and figuratively, whichever one comes first) will be worth it. But wait! You realize that you have a dinosaur for a laptop that cannot possibly keep up with all of the work you’re going to have to do over the next few years. Oh no! Whatever are you to do? Have no fear, the Med School Laptop Wizard is here! You will find that below, we have given you five super easy links to use to find yourself a brand new laptop that will make your med school experience as easy as it could possibly be – if I were you, I would take all the help I could get. Check it out!

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

XIDU PhilBook Convertible Laptop

This convertible XIDU PhilBook is well-equipped in terms of style, performance, and user experience. The device offers a full HD screen of size 14.1 inches with multi-touch capability. The advanced… Read More on Amazon

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$389.99 from Amazon*At the time of publishing, the price was $389.99.


  1. Acer Chromebook 11 Celeron N3060. Running on Chrome Operating System, this Chromebook contains exceptional features such as built-in protection against viruses, automatic updates and more. Google applications become easily accessible, so you can operate on advanced programs and apps. Content access is also top-notch as you can find all your favorite books, movies, magazines and more. The storage capacity is built-in to let you access important files offline. Google Drive provides extra 100GB space for storage. So, all your important files get stored automatically. The RAM of this laptop is 4GB, while eMMC storage is 16GB with the Intel Celeron processor N3060.
  2. XIDU PhilBook Max 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop. This convertible XIDU PhilBook is well-equipped in terms of style, performance, and user experience. The device offers a full HD screen of size 14.1 inches with multi-touch capability. The advanced design has a gray metal external body containing a silver frame. The screen size is large and you can flip the laptop in 360 degrees. PhilBook Max operates effortlessly due to its configuration with Intel Apollo Dual-Core J3355 processor. The processing speed is impressive as well as the storage space. You get SSD storage of 128GB, which is expandable. Also, the LPDDR3 memory of 6GB ensures performance when you run multiple programs at once.
  3. CHUWI AeroBook Laptop Intel Core M3 Processor. With Windows 10, AeroBook offers a secure and productive experience. This laptop has dual-core Intel M3-6Y30 processor of 64-bit along with DDR3 RAM of 8GB. Along with that, it has SSD storage of 256GB to further enhance the speed and efficiency of performance. You get IPS screen of size 13.3 inches with full HD resolution and anti-glare viewing experience. So, everyday use becomes more effective. The screen is capable of resisting extreme outdoor lighting. Plus, it has color adjustment features and night mode to protect your eye.
  4. HP Touch-Screen Laptop Intel Pentium N5000 Processor. This touchscreen laptop is everything you need. The presence of Quad-core N5000 Intel Pentium processor makes it a high-performing device. The touchscreen works phenomenally, while you get other display features such as WLED-backlit and Graphic 605 from Intel UHD. The notebook is capable of supporting multiple connectivity formats with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, multiple USB ports and a versatile SD card reader. The device runs on Windows 10 and offers a hard drive of 1TB having 5400 RPM. All these properties make it the best laptop for medical school.
  5. Dell Inspiron 5000 Touchscreen Laptop Intel Core i3-8130U. Dell offers Inspiron 5000 with touchscreen properties in an HD screen of size 15.6 inches and TrueLife technology. The Intel Core from 8thgeneration i3-8130U serves to deliver high-frequency speed that can reach a maximum of 3.40 GHz. The RAM is 8GB, while the drive storage memory is 256GB to smoothly operate multiple tabs and applications. Along with that, you get Backlit keyboard, dual-band wireless connectivity, Webcam and Bluetooth 4.1 and multiple USB and HDMI ports. The media reader is versatile, and there is a combo of headphone and microphone.

The ClubManDude Process?

What we did, first and foremost, was to ensure we comprised a list of laptops that is going to be reliable for years. Because that is what medical school is, right? Years out of your life for the greater good of the people? How effective can you be if you have a laptop that craps out on you after a year? We won’t have it. We made certain to review the very best machines for your buck. We know, money is super tight through all of college to begin with! Not to mention when you get to med-school and prepare for the next three or more years. Don’t sweat it, we took all that into account. Just for you. These computers will not break the bank. And they are going to give you all the functionality and connectivity you can possibly handle.

You have enough on your plate to worry about! So, we feel it’s important that your laptop updates itself, protects itself well, and keeps you connected when you need it most. These five beauties will handle every bit of it. With automated updates, top of the line virus protection, and great connectivity features, we’re certain you will find something more than suitable on our list. And hey, even if you don’t, we hope that we at least threw enough info at you to make an educated purchase when it comes that time. And who doesn’t love a brand new piece of technology to mess around with?

Touchscreens in the medical field are super important. These computers have touchscreen technology that is going to make your life so much easier when it comes to making people healthier and well. Whether it’s a biological health practice or one geared towards mental health or even in the world of veterinarians (hey, this absolutely counts) you won’t ever have to worry about your laptop making your life more difficult. It is going to simplify things for you in a way that will have you excited to save some lives!

Don’t forget, these laptops also have features that are going to help with the more pleasurable side of life, too. It can handle your streaming, fooling around on the internet as we love to do so much, any videos that pique your interest, or staying connected to friends. They have it all!

Final Thoughts, Dudes

Any one of these laptops would be the perfect pair for you to attend med school with and I can almost guarantee you’ll feel like you’re on Grey’s Anatomy – if that’s the kind of medicinal practice you’re into at least. I hope this guide could help and I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors! Time to earn that degree and save some lives with your new and improved laptop for hacking by your side!

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