Looking for the Best Watches for Active Lifestyle? Let’s Get After It…

If being active is a super important part of your daily man dude routine, it’s important that you have a watch that cares about fitness just as much as you do. Your everyday, normal watch isn’t going to help much with how buff you get, so check out some of these watches below in order to really step up your man dude game.

We have tons of guys who are active, so we get it. All we want to do is set you up for success so that when you buy one of our watches, you will be more than satisfied in the end. You will be saying, “I’m so glad I listened to Club ManDude.” And that’s because we’ve got your back. Every time we piece together one of our lists, we carefully do our research and dig really deep to find the absolute best products. We promise! So, go take a look at our list and don’t forget to take a peek at some of the great features in these watches.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

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Reviewing top watches for active lifestyle

These are the top watches that fit an active lifestyle perfectly:

  1. Apple Watch Series 4 With GPS. Apple is known for its innovative wearable technologies. One of the models includes Apple Watch Series 4. This watch comes packed with exciting features in a large display and a loud speaker. The watch works as a GPS as well and provides haptic feedback. The dual-core processor gives faster performance. You can monitor your daily activity, heart rate, and even listen to music. The screen size is 44 mm that helps to see every information clearly.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Silver SM-R800NZSAXAR. Improve your life with this smart watch containing exceptional health tracking features. It has built-in Bluetooth to help you manage everything with one single device. The battery capacity gives days of operational performance with one single charge. The charger is wireless, so you can charge anywhere. The Bluetooth allows you to pair it with any smartphone and transfer files. There is a warranty of 1 year on this device and it is compatible with Android smartphones and Samsung smartphone as well.
  3. Apple Watch Series 3 With GPS. The Series 3 model from Apple Watch has an aluminum case attached to a black-colored sports band. The design is sleek and contains gyroscope and accelerometer. You can go for a swim wearing this watch. It has a digital crown and monitors heart rate with its optical sensor. The device works as a comprehensive activity tracker and also help you navigate with its in-built GPS feature. It can’t detect falls, but the case thickness of 11.4 mm makes it sturdy.
  4. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch. Your all-in-one smart watch with music, workout coach, sleep stage tracking, heart rate tracking, and more. The design is sleek and offers real-time data on your distance, pace, and location. The workout coach has more than 15 exercise modes such as swimming, running and more. The device connects to your favorite apps and gives alerts. The battery works for more than 4 days with one single charge. However, battery performance depends on the features you use.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Rose Gold. This watch model from Samsung Galaxy automatically monitors six different kinds of exercises. You can check your sleep quality to decide when your body needs more rest. Real-time alerts help you know when your heart beats irregularly. The watch is compatible with Samsung phones and Android smartphones with OS 5.0 or higher. It also supports iOS devices. The design looks beautiful and light on your wrist.

How to select one of the best watches for active lifestyle?

After knowing the best watches for an active lifestyle, you can follow these factors to choose one:

  1. Features. You need to define your purpose of buying such a watch. This purpose will help you choose the right features such as heart rate monitoring, navigation, activity tracking, workout tracking and more.
  2. Price. Choose a price range that seems suitable for your budget and lets you get all the desired features.
  3. Design. Give time to understand the value of a watch design. The visibility of the information depends on the screen size. The safety of the watch depends on the buckle style of band. Similarly, you need to judge the watch design in terms of your specific reasons.
  4. Battery. The real use of a smart watch depends on the performance of its battery. So, check that out as well!

The four tips listed above are important. By using them to compare and choose a watch, you will figure out which is going to be the best for you. Especially when it comes to a watch that’s geared toward our active guys. You’ll be wearing it all the time while you’re working out, so we made sure to provide options that aren’t going to wear out, that are durable, and won’t break the bank. By covering all the right bases, putting this list together has us proud. Nothing makes us happier than giving our dudes a list that we know has the very best products on it. See for yourself!

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

You can really improve your fitness game with a great watch for your active man routine and, now that you’ve read this guide, you have all the tips you need to go get the best watch for you. So, go out and RUN to get one quick! Get it? Because you’re active and you’re getting a watch for it? Yeah, okay, just go get a good watch.

And just in case we haven’t provided you with sufficient data to make your choice, we have got you covered. Don’t worry, guys! We took the liberty of providing a special link for every watch that we’ve reviewed above. So, you can click on any one of them to be launched right over to Amazon where you’ll see every finite detail for each of these watches. Go ahead and dig in, we want you to! You’ll also be able to find the price tags to compare, along with shipping details so you’ll know exactly when you will receive your new toy. And don’t forget one of the most important elements of all, other customer reviews! Yeah, you know the feeling. When you get to see all the verified buyer reviews on Amazon and just about everyone leaves an amazing review. That’s what we want for all the products we put in our articles. The very best products for our ManDudes. Go ahead and take a look at what other guys are saying so you know that you’ll be making the right choice before purchasing one of these awesome timepieces. And hey, if you find a watch somewhere else that you think is better, let us know! You can drop us a line anytime. That helps to keep our lists updated with the very best products. Happy hunting, guys!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Why do I need a separate watch for outdoor activities?

A) A normal professional watch is not made to withstand rough conditions. For outdoor activities, you need a more durable watch that can stand the impact of water, dirt, sunlight, and other external particles. That’s why you need a special outdoor wristwatch for outdoor activities.

Q) What are the features of watches for an active lifestyle?

A) People with an active lifestyle must use special sports watches or military watches that are durable and sturdy. These watches have a strap that will keep the watch in place, and there are several other features like temperature, compass, etc., that would be useful in outdoor settings.

Q) Why shouldn’t I wear bracelet watches during outdoor activities?

A) Bracelet watches do not fit tightly on your wrist, so there is always a chance of dropping the watch or injuring your wrist while you engage in physical activities. Bracelet watches can also get damaged if subjected to dirt or water. So overall, bracelet watches are more suitable for events and not ideal for outdoor activities.


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