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It goes without saying that glass is one of the tough materials to deal with, especially when it comes to drilling holes. Glass can break easily and quickly shatter even with little pressure. Finding the best drill bit for glass bottles can be a bit tricky because you cannot use one of the products that are designed to be used on wood, plastic, or metals. Drill bits for glass bottles are sold in a set of four or more, so you have to get a product that fits your work needs. No matter whether you are dealing with a DIY project with glass bottles or want something for professional use, this guide will come in handy.

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DrillGlass ½-inch Diamond Core Drill Bit For Glass and Tile

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1/2″ Diamond Core Drill Bit

This DrillGlass product is a singular 1/2″ diamond core bit, which works perfectly for glass and tile. The company offers the 3rd product… Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the top four products

Before we get into the basics of selecting a drill bit for glass bottles, here’s a look at the four products that we liked.

    1. DrillGlass ½-inch Diamond Core Drill Bit For Glass and Tile. This DrillGlass product is a singular 1/2″ diamond core bit, which works perfectly for glass and tile. The company offers the 3rd product free if you order two, so this is a budget buy of sorts. The brand also offers 100% money back guarantee for the bit, and yes, you also get a 4-page drilling instruction guide with an extra guide for decorating ideas. This product is just ideal for all kinds of small DIY tasks.
    2. Vermont American 13310 4-Piece Glass & Tile Drill Bit Set. This is a budget drill bit set for glasswork enthusiasts, which also works perfectly for some of the other delicate materials, including marble, tile, and mirrors. The design of the bit has a spear-pointed tip, which prevents a breakout, and the tip is of carbide, so you can be assured of durability. The product (all the bits) can be used with drills with 3/8″ or larger chucks.
    3. DrillGlass 3 Pack of 1/4″ Diamond Core Drill Bits For Glass. This is another great product from DrillGlass, which includes three ¼-inch diamond core bits that are great for tiles and glass alike. The product fits most of the standard drill presses and hand drills. For DIY enthusiasts, the company offers a 4-page drilling instruction guide, and this set comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are looking for something better from the same brand, this one is a good choice.
    4. Uxcell 2 Pcs Diamond Drill Bits 14mm 5/9″ Bottle Glass Hole Saw. This product from Uxcell is a budget buy and includes two pieces. This is a glass hole saw that’s made of metal, which can be used for placing lights in glass bottles. The shank size measures 6.7 x 20mm/ 0.26-inch x 0.78-inch, and the product weighs 23 grams. If you are looking for glass hole saw that can work with drill presses, this is the one to go for.
    5. 3 Otters Diamond Drill Bit Set Hole – Developed from industrial-grade carbon steel and nickel-coated body, these diamond drill bits speak of excellent workmanship. This tile hole set comes in varying sizes to accommodate your specific needs. Every hole has received surface treatment to offer exceptional cutting strength. Other than drilling glass, you can use this product for drilling tole bottles, wood, granite light stone, stale marble, and other hard surfaces. Available under $20, this product would make an absolute steal. If you use lowered drill pressure, reduced drill speeds, and increased water lubrication, you can significantly extend the life of this drill bit.

Selecting the best drill bit for glass bottles

If you are looking for the best drill bit for glass bottles, there are basic things to consider-

  1. The material. You need the right drill bit material that can work on glass without cracking, and the two choices are tungsten carbide coated drill top or a diamond-coated one.
  2. The set. As mentioned earlier, drill bits for glass bottles come in a set, unless you check the first product we mentioned. Anyway, you are likely to save more with a ready set of four or ten, but it depends on the project requirements, as well.
  3. For generic needs, bits are usually listed in millimeters or inches. If you are getting a set, you can find ones that offer 1mm drill bit size to the ones that are bigger as1 ½-inch. It depends on the work you are doing and how frequently you want to use different sizes of drill bits.
  4. Keep in mind that not all drill bits work with all kinds of drilling tools, so that’s something you need to check for. There are universal drill bits too but check in advance before buying.
  5. The shape. Typically, drill bits are either spear-shaped or circular. As obvious, the circular drill bits are great for drilling circles/holes in the bottles, while the spear-shaped drill bits are great for design and working with specific materials.

Check online now and find the best drill bit that fits your requirements

Finding the right drill bit for drilling through glass doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge that gives you a headache while sifting through all the different options that are out there. We get it, there are so many different options out there to choose from, it can be tricky trying to put together which options are going to be the best bang for your buck. And that’s why we’re here! Let Club ManDude take out all the guesswork for you. We happily take on the challenge of finding the absolute best products out there that money can buy. Taking the time to be meticulous and discover the best options out there is exactly what we want to do for you guys. Our main goal is to help make life simple for our dudes. Giving you an opportunity to easily find the right option for your needs is going to free you up to do the things you love. And we love power tools, so we assume that means getting into that next great project with all the awesome tools at your disposal. Doing glass work next? We feel that. Find yourself an awesome bit, or bits, to set you up for success and leave you happy with your purchase.

We don’t expect you to necessarily know which drill bit brands are going to be at the top of everyone’s list. And hey, if you do, that’s excellent. Kudos to you. Maybe you’re here to validate your opinion on which bits will be the best choices. There is nothing wrong with that. It can be helpful to know that other dudes are choosing the same options as the best ones for the money. And when we put our lists together, we want to make sure that we are picking options that are totally comparable. It all boils down to preference, which bit is going to give you the desired effect. All of them are great choices, no doubt about that. So our hope is that one of these bad boys is the one that jumps out at you and has you saying “yes”. Take a look and compare the prices of these options, you will not be disappointed. It is our duty to find options that are totally excellent while being comparable in price.

Being able to get yourself a great drill bit to drill through glass doesn’t have to break the bank. You can potentially try out a couple options if you’re not sure which to get. All we know is that we want to formulate a list of options with prices that are fair with products that are made from high-quality materials that are made to last. Being a guy who’s use drill bits like these before, the cheaper, low-quality options do not last. They totally wear out quickly and are done before you know it. Then you end up having to spend more to get another bit to finish the job. Screw all that, we want to get the job done with the first bit! And the ones we have chosen are certainly good for that. Being made with diamond cutting technology creates a drill bit that will cut through glass like butter without issue. Because not only do we want to make sure you get a bit that will last, but we want it to be super effective and make the job easier.

And just in case you need some additional intel, we’ve got you covered. One of the greatest benefits of living in the age of the internet is the fact that you can find honest opinions from people by simply perusing customer reviews for each product. Amazon is great because you can check out buyer verified reviews so you know that you’re getting word straight from the horse’s mouth. Sure, you may get a negative review here and there, you can’t please everyone. But we make sure that we’re bringing you products with a vast majority of positive reviews. If we were recommending drill bits for glass with a bunch of negative reviews, we certainly wouldn’t be doing our job. So check out what other dudes think of these drill bits, you won’t be disappointed.


At the end of the day, we want you to be able to jump into your next glass cutting project with ease. Find yourself a great drill bit that will handle any glass and take a stab at that next project. Whether it’s a project for business or a hobby, we want you to be able to enjoy the work without frustration. When it comes to cutting glass, having the right drill bit is essential so the glass doesn’t break and it will cut right through the material. The options we have found for you are going to do just that, so find yourself the right bit and enjoy some glass cutting!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why can’t I use a normal drill bit for drilling glass bottles?


If you do not have a custom drill bit, it can be quite dangerous to cut through glass bottles because there is a much higher chance of breaking, shattering, and flyaway fragments. For a precise and near outcome, you should never use a normal drill bit for glass bottles.


2. What would be the best materials to drill through glass?


If you want to cut through glass without cracking or shattering, Tungsten carbide is definitely a wise choice. If it comes with a titanium or diamond coating, it will be way better.

If budget is a major concern, you can work things out with a steel drill because glass doesn’t require much effort.


3. Which one is better – Circular or Arrowhead drill bits?


In most scenarios, circular drill bits are ideal for drilling large circles and holes into glass bottles. However, if you want to make small and precise cuts, you should go with arrowhead drill bits. Ultimately, it all boils down to the type of hole you need.

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