Looks like you need the best wood for a bow drill fire starter. Let’s get after it…

If are an adventure enthusiast who likes to travel into the wild, you need a few tools with you. Back in the jungle or wild, Mother Nature can be really unforgiving, and unless you are well prepared, you can be in trouble. Among other things that you may need is the bow drill, which is one tool that creates fire by friction. For the uninitiated, a bow drill works by spinning one piece of wood in another piece of wood that has a socket. This can create what’s called the coal, and you can get a complete fire with just friction.

A bow drill is one of the primitive methods of starting a fire, and it goes without saying that the wooden product must be made with the right wood. In this post, we will discuss the best wood for bow drill fire starter, but before that, here are some of the products that we liked.

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Primitive Fire Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

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Primitive Fire Bow

This product from Primitive Fire is made from natural materials. It comes with a fireboard, which has been burned and notched to test the product, while the “frictionless Clay Palm Rock” prevents … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the best bow drill fire starter kits

There are many bow drill fire starter kits in the market, but we have sorted the best four products that offer bang for your buck.

    1. Primitive Fire Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit. This product from Primitive Fire is made from natural materials. It comes with a fireboard, which has been burned and notched to test the product, while the “frictionless Clay Palm Rock” prevents all sorts of friction for quick lighting. The product includes 12’ length of Jute, which is enough for eight to twelve nests. This is one of the best all-inclusive kits that we’ve found, and it works perfectly for entertainment and actual wild-adventure needs.
    2. Primitive Fire Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit Deluxe. This is also another product from the brand above and contains 8-pieces. Everything, such as the spindles, fireboards, bow, oakum and jute nesting, &clay palm rock, is included in the drill bow set. The clay palm rock makes it easy to create fire, and the wood parts are made of red oak, making these durable for extensive use. In case you are not sure how to use a bow drill, the brand offers a complete full-color guide too.
    3. Primitive Fire Bow Drill Fire Starter Scout Kit. If you want to get a classic bow drill kit for your kids to enjoy, we recommend this one from Primitive Fire. The product package includes clay palm rock, bow, spindle, and fireboards, and it takes literally minutes to light a fire. The product is also compact, you can take this along for hiking, trekking and camping. The wooden parts are made of red oak, which makes this bow drill a wise investment. The company also offers an easy guide for those who want to learn.
    4. POWER PARACORD Foolproof Primitive Fire Bow Drill Set. This product from Power Paracord is ideal for beginners, and there are many videos from other customers as to how you can use the product. This is one of the few products that are ideal for kids. The packaging includes one fireboard, one wooden spindle, one bamboo handle, and one tinder. If you are in for a budget bow drill set, we recommend this one.
    5. PSKOOK Bow Drill Kit Fire Starter – If you don’t know how to make a fire using a bow drill, this product comes with detailed instructions. Use this dire starter tool as an educational toy for children or personal training and teaching– it will not disappoint. It is an ideal fire starter kit for beginners and new scouts who wish to master the skill of starting fires with a bow drill. The kit comes with 1 wooden spindle, 1 jute tinder, 1 bamboo handle, and 1 fire board. This fire starter kit would make the perfect gift to campers, hunters, survivalists, or outdoor enthusiasts.

What’s the best wood for bow drill fire starter?

Typically, a not-so-hard wood is used for the fireboard, such as cedar, aspen, willow of even cottonwood. For the spindle, the same woods may suffice, but often hardwood is better. Most of the ready bow drills in the market don’t use green wood and opt for options, such as the red oak, which is much more durable. The spindle will be spinning, so you better go for natural hardwood, while the fireboard can be made from medium-hard wood.

Finding the best bow drill to use for starting fires does not have to be a huge challenge. I mean, think about it, we’re starting fires the old fashioned way! By essentially “rubbing two sticks” together to start a fire. But the cool thing is that there are entire kits that you can use to get the fire going without any help from matches, a lighter, or fluid. It’s pretty sweet once you get the hang of how to do it. Because if you’re out in the wilderness a lot, like many of our Man Dudes, you don’t want to get caught with a faulty lighter or run out of matches and end up stuck without a way to start a fire. It may not seem like it, but there is definitely also a safety aspect to the situation. Without having a way to start a fire at night, it can get cold and the potential for hypothermia can set in. So it’s always going to be best to set yourself up with a way to make a fire no matter what happens.

We don’t expect you to magically know which fire bow brands are going to be the best off the top of your head. And if you do, well done. I feel like it would be safe to assume perhaps you were a boy scout in a past life? Either way, we have got you covered. We know which brands are going to be the ones to set you up for success in the fire bow game. These kits are excellent, we feel they are the best of the best. Because that’s what we do here at Club ManDude, go on the hunt to find the best products out there so we can bring them directly to you for your enjoyment. Take our favored choice on the list, the Primitive Fire Bow Drill Starter Kit. This is a perfect kit for your needs, it comes with all the necessary tools, and it’s portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. And the great thing about our list is that all the options have everything you need, they are all excellent choices, and they all come at affordable prices that won’t break the bank. You will not be disappointed with the choices we came up with.

And if you happen to find an even better choice out there in the ether of the internet, that’s great too! You can even tell us about it because we want to do everything we can to make sure the lists we are bringing to you are updated with the latest, greatest products money can buy. You will see that our options are comparable in price and come from manufacturers committed to bringing you the best products. We always want to find awesome companies that make great products. Because when you find one excellent product from a company, they typically have a bunch of great stuff to choose from that makes life even better. So check out what we’ve found, you may even happen upon some other cool products that you may enjoy.

Here at Club ManDude, the name of the game is keeping life simple. It’s what we do! Let us take the extra time to peruse all the options that exist out there. It’s our pleasure. That way you can spend more time doing the things you love, enjoying the outdoors, and having fun on your next adventure. And if you think that you want some extra guidance, we have a great tip. Head on over to Amazon and check out the buyer verified reviews. There you can see exactly what other consumers are saying about these products and exactly why they love them so much. We take the time to ensure we are bringing you products that have typically positive reviews. Sure, you may come across the occasional negative review, but you can’t please everyone. So we make sure that we find products that have an overwhelming majority of positive reviews. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing our job now, would we? So check out what other people are saying, you may just find some specific things that pique your interest even more.

We appreciate every one of our Club ManDude readers. When you guys find products on our lists that you purchase and end up loving, it makes it all worth it for us. Finding shortcuts to finding great products you want or need is a great benefit of living in the age of the internet. It helps to keep things simply while staying informed and giving ourselves an opportunity to find exactly what we need. Have fun the next time you get out there into nature and play it safe by keeping yourself warm with a new bow drill fire starter kit.

Final Word

If you want to get a bow drill fire starter kit, make sure that it comes with a guide and the products are made of 100% natural hardwood. These kits are not at all expensive, which is a big advantage and can be a good way to teach your kids. Making one of these bow drill sets is not easy, and it’s better to settle for a product that comes from a good brand. You can also check a few reviews for help, or simply go for one of the listed products


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What type of wood should not be used for burning?


When it comes to starting a fire, there are woods that you should not burn. It would be any form of poisonous wood, such as Poison Sumac, Poison Oak, or Poison Ivy. These types of woods are known to release a type of irritant oil in the smoke that can result in major problems, particularly if you have allergic reactions. Breathing the smoke in could also cause lung irritation and even severe allergic respiratory issues.


2. What should be the best wood for starting a fire?


If you want to start a fire, you should go with anything like tinder, kindling, or large wood pieces that can generate heat. For the ideal kindling, it is best to select softwood, such as –

• Fir
• Pine
• Cedar


3. How long does it usually take to start a fire using a wood bow drill?


The time will depend on your strength, the type of wood and overall weather conditions. It will take around 15 to 30 minutes for you to start a fire using a wood bow drill fire starter kit in normal instances.

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