Looks like you need the best drill bits for drilling out bolts. Let’s get after it…

If you have a broken bolt or stud, removing it can be a major problem. While drills can be used easily to create the right holes, getting rid of broken bolts requires special tools or drill bits. These are basically called the left-handed drill bits, and that’s because these work in the reverse gear. Typically, left-handed drill bits are often used to drill through the bolt, which helps in removing it effortlessly but without impacting the threads of the hole. For such bits to work, the bolt or stud must be as flat as possible, so that the bit can be drilled in. In case you are looking for the best drill bits for drilling out bolts, we have a guide that will sort the best options.

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IRWIN Tools 5 Piece Left Hand Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Assortment

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IRWIN Cobalt Twist Drill Bit

This is a 5-piece left-handed bit set from Irwin Tools, which are made of M-42 8% cobalt high-speed steel. The material ensures that you can drill through tough metals, while the … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the best five products

Here are five sets or products that we liked –

      • IRWIN Tools 5 Piece Left Hand Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Assortment. This is a 5-piece left-handed bit set from Irwin Tools, which are made of M-42 8% cobalt high-speed steel. The material ensures that you can drill through tough metals, while the 135° split point helps in easier penetration. Each bit has what the brand calls “heavy-duty spiral flute design”, which allows ejection effortlessly, and yes, you can use these with screw extractors.
      • Neiko 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set. This is a 15-piece set from Neiko, which is designed from high speed M2 steel, with a titanium nitride coating for extra durability. The 135-degree split point and twist design prevent ‘walking’ and allow you to remove bolts pretty quickly. The left-hand design allows users to use these bits with screw extractors for removing fasteners, as well. The product package includes a metal index case for easy organization. One of the best-budget buys in this category.
      • KKmoon 10pcs Cobalt Left Hand Drill Bit Set. This set from KKmoon contains 10 drill bits, of which 5 are left-hand drill bits, while the other five are alloy steel screw extractors. The screw extractors are particularly great for removing screws and bolts, while the cobalt drill bits are varied to meet diverse work needs. These bits are made from high-quality material, and yes, you get a metal case for keeping the tools.
      • Drill Hog 13 Pc NIOBIUM Left Hand Drill Bit Set. This Drill Hog product contains 13-pieces of drill bits, start from 1/16to ¼, by1/64ths with all sizes included. The drill bits are made from Niobium Nb41 Steel, and the left-hand thread ensures easy removal of bolts, screws and studs. This is a completely USA-made product and comes with a nice, sturdy case. The set is not one of the cheapest but offers value for money.
      • Eazypower 82380 5-Piece Left Handed M2 High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set. Eazypower brings this 5-piece left-hand drill set with diverse diameter options for better applications. All common screws and bolts that are broken or twisted can be easily removed with this set, thanks to the 135-degree split point. All bits are made from high speed steel and meant for professional and personal use. Among the best-rated online products.
      • ABN Screw & Bolt Extraction 25-Piece Remover Tool Kit – If you’re looking for an effortless means to remove bolts, this product is the one for you. From recessed bolts to broken fasteners, you can use remove it all with this product. Extractors come with flute/ridges to make it easy to grip broken bolts. The drive nuts also come with a tight fit over the extractor to ensure a non-damaging and easy way to turn the extractor. The design boasts the ultimate strength design along with the highest torque without extraction. Priced below $25, this tool kit comes with a nicely designed case for storage and portability.
      • NEIKO 01925A Screw Extractor and Left-Hand Drill Bit Set – If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way of removing broken studs, bolts, screws, and other fittings, this product is here for you. Priced under $15, this drill bit extractor set is affordable and effective at the same time. Made with cobalt fortified high-speed steel, these left-handed drill bits come with increased service life and durability. The spiral flues on the extractors are meant to increase grip while applying torque. Coming in a compact metal carrying box, it is convenient to carry this tool kit anywhere with absolutely no hassle.

    How to choose the best drill bits for drilling out bolts?

    There are basic aspects that must be considered before selecting drill bits for drilling out bolts. As you already know, you need left-handed drill bits, but here’s more on the things that need attention.

    1. Drill bits designed for removing bolts should be extremely sturdy, ideally made of high-speed steel. An extra coating of cobalt or titanium nitride is an added advantage for durability.
    2. Split point. You want to have bits with 135-degree split points so that you can actually drill into the broken screw or bolt without a lot of effort.
    3. When it comes to drill bits, the brand is of utmost importance. You want to select a brand that doesn’t compromise on construction and material. Warranty on the product is even more welcome.

    Finally, do consider the number of pieces you need in the drill bit set, and if the product comes with a box, it’s a good way to keep the bits together and in place, especially when you want to use it for professional needs. Check online now to find more on left-hand drill bits and select one that fits your requirements.

    Drilling out bolts can be taxing. It can be a tough job to get done, especially if you do not have the right tools. It can become a totally infuriating situation if you don’t have the right drill bits to get them out. Man has tried tirelessly, so many different methods for removing bolts that have been a total dead end every time. But when we figured out that we can make special drill bits to get worn out bolts out of their threads, it was a game-changer. At last, drill bits to remove those pesky bolts were born! So finding the right set to get the job done is the next task for you, my friend. We know how irritating it can be to not have the right tool for the job, so let us put together this amazing list of drill bits to get out bolts for you. Do not worry, we have figured out which options are going to be the absolute best and give you the best bang for your buck.

    Because finding the right tool bits to get those bolts out does not have to be a huge challenge. Sure, it may seem like it when that bad boy gets stripped and you have to figure out how to get it out of there. But not to worry, any of the drill bit sets we found will do just fine. That is why we are here, to make your life easier. Club ManDude wants to make your life easier by bringing you a handful of the best options to choose from. We understand how daunting it can be to try and sift through thousands of the best options out there to narrow them down to the best ones. So leave the challenge to us! We love getting meticulous and figuring out which options out there are the best ones, and which ones are not. And we do a pretty damn good job at it! So take a look at these drill bits and see which ones are going to set you up for success.

    We do not necessarily expect you to know all the best drill bit brands off the top of your head. What we have actually found is that the more well-known tool makers were not at the top of the list for drill bits that are going to be able to get out those worn bolts. So be sure to take a look at the brands we have found. What we do know is that every one of these companies knows how to make a great drill bit for getting out worn bolts. We guarantee it. That’s why we do the research we do, to make sure that we are confident in the options that we are bringing you every time. Our standpoint is this, if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we are not going to recommend it to you. That is the Club ManDude promise. So no matter which option you go with, you’re going to end up with a quality tool. And if you happen to find an even better option out there that didn’t make our list, let us know! We always want to make sure we are on top of the game with the best products that money can buy.

    And if you want to find yourself some additional info, we have got you covered there too. The great thing about living in the age of the internet is being able to head onto the web to figure out what other people are saying about the products that we are interested in. Head over to Amazon, everyone’s favorite online retailer. There you will find plenty of reviews from plenty of different people regarding these drill bits. Nothing is more honest than a consumer on the internet reviewing a new product they just bought, whether that product review happens to be good or bad. The great thing about Club ManDude is that we are always going to go out of our way to ensure we are bringing you products with plenty of positive reviews to help you in the buying process. I mean, if we were bringing you a bunch of products with negative reviews, we certainly would not be doing our job now, would we? Once you take a look at what other guys love about these drill bits, we believe you are going to find some features to get psyched about before you make your purchase.


    At the end of the day, we want to set you up with new, rad drill bits that will tackle any worn bolt no matter how badly it’s wedged into those threads. And we are excited for you because nothing is more relieving than popping out a bolt that has been stuck for ages. Have fun, fellas!


    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What are the things I should keep in mind before buying drill bits for drilling out bolts?


    There are multiple factors that you should take into consideration if you are planning on purchasing drill bits for drilling out bolts. Because the build material is correlated to durability, you should consider which material is the best for your project. Additionally, the design, project area, and warranty policy should be kept in mind before purchasing.


    2. Is it possible to drill hardened bolts?


    You can extract any bolt, but it is not possible to drill through a hardened steel bolt. If you wish to drill through it, you will have to alter the temperature to milt steep to make that happen. You should ideally go for cobalt bit because it is the high-speed steel (HSS) type. The presence of cobalt will make sure that it can cut through the hardened steel bolt.


    3. Which one is more brittle – Titanium or Cobalt Drill Bit?


    When it comes to these two types of drill bits, you go with the cobalt drill bits because they are slightly more brittle as compared to their counterparts.

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