Looking for the Best Women’s Trail Running Shoes for Hiking? Let’s Get After It…

When heading out on the trails you’ll want to have the best equipment possible. But protecting your most valuable piece of equipment, your feet, should come before any other fancy new gadgets! After all, your feet will be the ones getting you up the trails safely and quickly so why not pamper them with the best women’s trail running shoes for hiking?

Top 5 women’s trail running shoes for hiking

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Saucony Women’s Running Shoe

The Peregrine 10’s are designed with those tough trails in mind with advanced traction that grips the trail in any conditions and performs well in more technically proficient terrain. The … Read More on Amazon

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#1-Altra Lone Peak 4.5

ALTRA Men's AL0A4PE5 Lone Peak
If you’re hiking up a mountain and you want your feet to deliver their best performance yet, the Lone Peak shoes can help you get there!
With improved traction for great grip in any condition, these shoes are lightweight without cutting corners on performance. They’ve got a comfortable sole that’ll keep you wearing them all day without even noticing. The toe box is roomy which adds to the overall comfort of the shoe and gaiters can be added quickly and easily.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes as well, the Lone Peak shoes are a pared-down trail running shoe that will perform in any conditions. The mesh has been known to wear out with repeated use but is more of a cosmetic issue than a practical one. All in all, these shoes will get the job done with comfort and style no matter how many trails you hike!

• Improved grip for better traction
• Roomy toe box
• Breathable

• Mesh can wear out after repeated uses

#2-Saucony Peregrine 10

Let’s get a little more technical shall we?

The Peregrine 10’s are designed with those tough trails in mind with advanced traction that grips the trail in any conditions and performs well in more technically proficient terrain. The upper part of the shoe is almost sock-like in its ability to grip and conform to your foot for comfort and mobility.

This is also a lightweight shoe weighing in just over a pound. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and have a waterproof option as well. Comfort and flexibility are important when you’re going to be spending the whole day on your feet and the Peregrines deliver both!
Breathable and lightweight the Peregrines don’t sacrifice safety to comfort but have a rock plate that increases durability and protection in the sole. Overall these shoes perform time and time again no matter how many trails you take them on!

• Breathable
• Durable and well protected
• Custom-like fit
• True to size

• Mesh can wear out after repeated uses

#3-Salomon XA Pro 3D V8

Maybe you’re on the look-out for something a little sturdier and more durable than just a trail running shoe! The Salomon has you covered.
Built with stability and support in mind the Salomon gives you great traction for navigating tricky terrain. The Quicklace technology helps to retain that excellent support but because of that, they’re not as easy to adjust to your specific needs.

These shoes are a great fit for anyone with narrow feet and they offer wide sizes as well. Overall their shoes tend to run large so sizing down half of the size will keep you comfy and secure.

Designed with those ultra-rugged trails in mind, these shoes don’t adjust as well as others but will keep you comfortable and on the trails for hundreds of miles without cause for complaint!

• Very supportive and stable
• Durable
• Excellent traction

• Don’t adjust well
• Tends to be narrow

#4-Altra Superior 4

Weighing in at under a pound, these ultralight shoes will have you flying down the trails in no time!
Sporting a knit-like upper that slips around your foot and adjusts in more like a sock than a shoe, these Altra’s are extremely comfortable with a roomy toe box and a secure fit. They include a removable rock plate that makes them even lighter for traveling the trails.
While ultralight and a super minimalist design, the Altra’s don’t have the same type of excellent traction as other types of hiking and trail shoes. These shoes work best on dirt trails and can slip and slid on rocks or gravel especially when they’re wet.

• Ultra-lightweight for backpacking and hiking dirt trails
• Minimalist design
• Extremely adjustable

• Traction is not great
• Not as supportive as others
• Not as durable as others

#5-Salomon Sense Ride 3

No matter the trail you want a shoe that’s going to perform under any conditions and the Sense Rides do that with no problems!
Comfortable with a low profile the Salomon Sense Rides give you great traction through any terrain. Designed with a highly flexible forefoot these shoes adjust and bend over any type of conditions to get you through safely and quickly.

The toe box on these shoes is long and narrow so for a more secure fit, you’ll want to size down a half of a size. Featuring Quicklace technology, they don’t adjust as well as other shoes for a customized feel but offer great support throughout wear.

• Excellent traction on any terrain and in any condition
• Supportive and tough
• Flexible for navigating trails

• Narrow size
• Limited adjustability

Frequently Asked Questions

Protecting your most valuable asset (your feet) while out on the trails are paramount to your success! Finding the right fit, feel, and flexibility may take some time but you’ll be thankful in the long run when you get to camp with no blisters and a spring in your step. So let’s ask some questions to help us with our search!

What do I need to consider when choosing trail running shoes?

One of the biggest things to consider is comfort and fit. Whether you have narrow or wide, short, or long feet you’ll want to find a pair of shoes that make your feet happy so you can be out on the trails longer.

Does weight matter when choosing trail running shoes?

Absolutely! If you’re lugging around a heavy pair of hiking boots that weigh in at 3 pounds, that’s going to zap your energy and tire you out quickly. If you switch those for a pair of 1 pound running shoes you’ll get rid of that extra weight, still have great traction, and fly down the trails as a result!

What is the benefit of waterproof or non-waterproof shoes?

Waterproof shoes work great for runs in rainy or wet conditions and seasons. However, once they do get wet they take quite a while to dry and aren’t as breathable as non-waterproof shoes. Non-waterproof shoes are lighter and quick to dry when wet.

Let’s hit the trails!

Protecting your most valuable hiking asset by choosing the right pair of shoes is critical to a successful hike. By choosing a shoe that makes your feet happy and comfortable, has great traction and stability, and that gives you the durability you need, you’ll start setting trail records!
The winner of our countdown is Altra Lone Peak 4.5! By combining comfort, flexibility, and great traction these make for an all-around great shoe that will perform great time and time again. Plus you won’t have to break the bank to get a pair of these!
So, lace up your new shoes, grab your backpack and snacks, and let’s get out and hit the trails!

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