Looking for the Best Lightweight Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt? Let’s Get After It…

Few things are more versatile than a long-sleeve hiking shirt when it comes to outdoor activities. A nice, lightweight long-sleeve hiking shirt can keep the sun off your skin during the summer months but keep you warm when it gets chilly!

Finding the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt for you is an adventure all on its own, so let’s get started!

Top 5 lightweight long sleeve hiking shirts

Top pick

ExOfficio Air Strip

Featuring two large cargo pockets, one security zip pocket, and a slot for your pen or sunglasses you can be all packed up for a day out in the sun without even picking … Read More on Amazon

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#1-Columbia Silver Ridge Plaid

Columbia Silver Ridge Plaid

Columbia may be the king when it comes to affordable outdoor wear!
This stylish shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes and boasts a UPF 50 rating to keep your skin safe when out in the sun. The sleeves roll up and secure with loops that give you extra ventilation on those especially hot days.

Designed with nylon fabric that wicks away moisture, you’ll not only stay cool but dry when out on your next adventure. The fabric itself dries quickly and is very breathable which provides great durability and protection without chafing or being too stiff.
The shirt is affordable and functional with lots of extra loops and pockets to help you carry anything you need out on your expedition. While it may be a little roomy, this gives you the added option of using it in all seasons: as a summertime hiking shirt or a wintertime layer with a thermal shirt underneath!

• Lightweight and breathable
• Quick-dry fabric that wicks away moisture
• Can transition between long-sleeve and short-sleeve

• Shirt may run a little big

#2-ExOfficio Air Strip

You won’t even need a backpack with this shirt!
Featuring two large cargo pockets, one security zip pocket, and a slot for your pen or sunglasses you can be all packed up for a day out in the sun without even picking up your backpack! Besides the handy storage, this shirt is quick-dry, lightweight, and offers great sun protection without sacrificing ventilation.

Across the back, from shoulder to shoulder, there’s a built-in zipper mesh panel that allows a breeze across your shoulders without exposing you to too much sun. Made of nylon-polyester, the sleeves roll up and are secured with tabs to give you one more style of shirt for your adventure!

These shirts keep you warm when it starts to cool off and wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry in those summer months!

• Durable and versatile with several configurations
• Easy drying
• Lots of pocket space

• Pockets have been changed recently making them harder to access

#3-Fjallraven Abisko Hike

Maybe your idea of a hike is less about summiting a mountain and more about just enjoying nature. Fjallraven has you covered!
This shirt is very lightweight and packs extra small in case you need additional space in your backpack or suitcase. Made of durable material that resists tears from branches or out on the trails, the Fjallraven design also boasts a UPF 30 rating to keep the sun off your skin.

When releasing heat is an issue, a back ventilation area can be unzipped and the sleeves rolled up and secured with buttons to allow more airflow. One chest pocket with a mesh lining can be zipped to store phone, keys, or other valuables while you’re out on your hike.
Go from the office to the trails with this shirt that seems to fit in anywhere!

• Lightweight, easily packable design
• Plenty of ventilation for a warmer day
• The professional design fits at the office or on the trails

• More expensive
• Limited color options available

#4-Marmot Windridge

This shirt is a little bit different than others on our list! Instead of a basic button-down shirt that can be reconfigured to do whatever you need, this is a one-piece shirt that works as a hiking shirt alone or as a great base layer for less favorable weather.

To protect your skin from the sun, this shirt comes with a UPF 50 rating and features quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric. Mesh panels give you lots of ventilation as you set out on your various adventures!

Slightly fitted to stay put during a full day of hiking or adventures, the Marmot feels good against your skin and manages to keep you dry throughout the day. When used as a base layer for colder weather, it allows for a free range of movement no matter your activity.

• Versatile for stand-alone use or as a base layer
• Moisture-wicking and quick-drying
• Breathable and durable

• The tag can be annoying but can be removed

#5-Arc’teryx Remige

Designed with warm weather hiking and adventures in mind, the Arc’teryx shirt is another one piece that does the job and does it well!
Offering UPF 50 protection, keeps the sun off your skin while wicking away moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the day. Made from breathable polyester the Remige is a more relaxed fit that allows complete range of motion while still feeling great against your skin.
With warm weather hiking and adventures at the forefront, the Remige can handle subtle changes in temperature while doubling as a long-lasting base layer shirt for cold-weather adventures. Great ventilation allows you to be protected from the sun while also keeping cool no matter the temperature!

• Moisture-wicking and breathable
• Doubles as a stand-alone option and a base layer
• UPF 50 protection
• Durable construction

• Runs a little big so can be baggy

Frequently asked questions

You’re mentally prepared to get out on the trails and start hiking but maybe you have some questions about what it will take to get physically prepared! Checking off one small item like the best lightweight long-sleeve hiking shirt can get you out on the trails even quicker. So let’s ask some questions and get some answers!

How important is a lightweight shirt when backpacking?

If you’re just going out for the day on a trail and you’re not planning to bring much along, the actual physical weight of your shirt may not matter much at all. However, if you’re planning a long hike like through the Appalachian Mountains, knowing exactly how much weight you’ll be carrying, including your clothes, is crucial. Choose your clothes according to your adventure!

What material is best for a hiking shirt?

You’ll want to choose a material like polyester, nylon, or merino wool that pulls moisture away from your body but dry quickly afterward.

Is color important for a hiking shirt?

Yes! Dark colors absorb heat and should be avoided for summer hiking. Colors like black, navy and dark brown will trap more heat and make it harder to stay cool. If you’re hiking in the winter though, these colors will keep you warmer by capturing the sun and using it to warm you up. For summer hiking you’ll want to find colors like white, cream, and beige that don’t absorb the sun to help you stay cool.

Time to hit the trails!

Finding the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt can seem daunting but by evaluating your needs you can narrow down your choices quickly and rationally! Checking materials, colors, and weight give you a great sense of what you’ll need and what you prefer.
The winner of our countdown is the Marmot Windridge! This one-piece shirt is lightweight and can double as a base layer for hiking in other seasons. While it keeps you dry and cool, it dries quickly and stays in place while you’re out and about.
So no matter your next adventure, wherever or whenever it maybe you can hit the trails with the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt without breaking the bank!

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