Looking for the Best Leatherman for Backpacking? Let’s Get After It…

Leatherman’s are great for backpacking, camping, or just convenient to have around the house. That is simply because of the sheer versatility of the Leatherman. It is great for any type of survival activity but good to have around in case it is needed.

This article will go over the best Leatherman’s that you can find. More specifically these are going to be Leatherman’s that are perfect for backpacking. Since a backpacker often need a lot to fit in a small area the Leatherman’s are the perfect tool for them to bring along.

It is also great for those who want one tool to do a lot with during projects or just to keep in your car!

Leatherman Brand

The Leatherman brand creates a lot of tools, not just the milt tool that we are going to be talking about in this article. If you are looking for a wider range of things to use while backpacking or camping in general then checking out their website is a great idea!

They have large kits that you can buy. Some contain multiple tools, first aid kits, emergency food, and more. These are great if you are worried about anything happening while you are out backpacking or camping. Even if you are not worried it is best to have most of these things alone with you.

The price you pay when shopping the Leatherman brand is backed up by many things such as their tight engineering and durability. The product you are getting in return for the price is obviously a wonderful deal when looking at competitors.


Top 5 Leatherman for Backpacking


Top pick

LEATHERMAN- Heavy Duty Multitool

With 21 tools this is the most versatile multitool on this list. It also comes in a sleek black finish in case you don’t want that monochrome tool on you at all times. Even with this finish it is one of the most durable and long lasting tools that you will find… Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


1) LEATHERMAN –Wingman Multitool

LEATHERMAN, Wingman Multitool

This is renowned on many different websites and discussion boards as the best Leatherman multitool out there. This is due to having a great array of tools, a wonderful warranty, and the ability to fit in any size pack you are wearing.

In this Leatherman, there are a total of 14 tools including pliers, a can opener, a file, a ruler, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and so much more. Surprisingly this tool is still very small and lightweight. This makes it so much easier to carry in any bag or even fit in your pocket if need be.

With a 25-year warranty on this specific Leatherman you won’t need to worry about it breaking either. It most likely won’t break due to the great manufacturing but if it does just get in contact with the company and you will have a new one in no time.


• Original Leatherman Multitool
• 14 Tools
• 25-year warranty
• Affordable

• Not Pocket Sized


2) LEATHERMAN-Sidekick Pocket Multitool

This Leatherman is a little smaller than the previous one discussed but this is done so that it can fit easier in your pocket. Surprisingly this smaller Leatherman still holds 14 tools, just in a smaller, more compact version.

Within this Leatherman’s 14 tools all of those that are deemed essential are included. That includes pliers, a knife, a file and so much more that could be very beneficial to you. Even though it is so much packed into a much smaller form it is still very lightweight overall making it easy to carry around.

To make this even easier to pack it comes with a built-in lanyard ring. That way if you happen to have no more room in your backpack you can still bring your multitool along by connecting it to the outside of your backpack or on a lanyard around your neck.

With full transparency, some people have found that the pliers on this Sidekick version of the Leatherman are not as sharp. They do still work like they are supposed to but if they were sharper they would overall be better.


• Pocket Size
• Lanyard Ring Built In
• 14 Tools
• All Essential Tools

• Smaller Tools
• No Warranty
• Harder to Read Ruler


3) LEATHERMAN- Super Tool 300 Multitool

This is the most long lasting and durable tool that Leatherman creates and it has great reviews to back that statement up. If you know that you are going to use your Leatherman a lot and for more difficult things sometimes then this would be the one for you. It really can last through most anything.

With the most tools, being it has 19, this Leatherman is quite a bit heavier than the others that have been listed. This weight also provides the durability that this tool boasts to have though, so it has good reason to be there.

With extremely high quality blades and tools it works better for longer without being sharpened or adjusted. If your wire cutters start to work worse than they did before this model makes it easy to remove them and replace them without messing up anything else.

This is the most expensive and heaviest version of the Leatherman but for those who know they are going to use it a lot this is the perfect version.


• 19 Tools
• Extreme Durability
• High-Quality Blades

• Heavier
• No Warranty
• Larger


4) LEATHERMAN- Wave Plus Multitool

This is the first one on the list that comes with scissors! Along with those scissors it also comes with 17 other great tools so it is not too far behind the Super Tool 300 that we just discussed. Even better than the previous one it is lightweight and even comes in an awesome black finish.

Just like the Super Tool 300 the wire cutters are easily replaceable which is a must for people who will be using them a lot. Along with that each of the blades that are within this tool lock in place so that you don’t have to worry while cutting something more difficult.

All of the tools on here are said to have very easy usage despite the multitool being able to fit in your pocket. Also, beneficial if you want to keep this tool in your pocket is the pouch that comes along with it. This will ensure none of the tools damage the inside of your pocket and it will also keep your Multitool newer looking for longer.


• Comes in Black
• Comes with a pouch
• 18 Tools
• Replaceable Wire Cutters

• Finish Wears Off Easily
• No Warranty


5) LEATHERMAN- Surge Heavy Duty Multitool

With 21 tools this is the most versatile multitool on this list. It also comes in a sleek black finish in case you don’t want that monochrome tool on you at all times. Even with this finish it is one of the most durable and long lasting tools that you will find.

Almost all of the 21 tools on this multitool can be easily switched out if they stop being sharp or stop working at full efficiency. This is great for those who are going to use their Leatherman’s a lot over the years, then you don’t have to buy a full new one every time.

Just like some of the other Leatherman’s we have looked at this one’s blades lock in place so that there is never any need to worry while going to cut something. This is due to the great engineering that obviously took place while making this tool.

If you are looking for the most versatile tool out there then this is the one for you. It includes pliers, multiple blades, wire cutters, files, can openers, and so much more! The price is definitely worth the product you are getting in return.


• 21 Tools
• Comes in Black
• Blades Lock in Place

• Heavy
• Larger


Buyers Guide

When looking at the Leatherman Multitools it can be hard to distinguish which ones are better than others because of the varying price, features, and weights of each tool. By following this buyer guide you will be sure to pick the perfect one for you!

The first thing to look at is the tools that are within each multitool. Making sure that the tools you need will be included is the most important thing since that is why you are purchasing from this company in the first place.

It seems that each multitool includes a file, ruler, knife, pliers, and wire cutters. From there it can vary from tool to tool so it is important to read the descriptions. Some have the added benefit of screwdrivers, others have multiple knives or larger sheaths.

Once you have found all of the multitools that contain the tools you want it is best to look at size next. If you are using the Leatherman for camping you may be able to go with a larger one because you will have a larger bag to put it in. If you are going backpacking then you might need one that fits in your pocket at all times.

And of course, be sure to check the price. Leatherman is a well-known brand so the prices are high enough already, that means you will probably be prepared to pay a good amount when starting to look. However, with each multitool costing a different amount you will want to make sure that you are not spending more than you would like to on a given multitool.

By going through these steps, you will be able to find the perfect Leatherman for you for whatever you want to use it for!



1) Why would I need 21 different tools in one?

Although you may not always need all 21 tools there may be a time when you do. If you are in a jam and this is the only tool you have then it is much better to have 21 tools than just 14. That is why many who go camping or backpacking choose the surge over the other products.

2) Is Leatherman a good brand?

Leatherman is the leading brand out there for multitools. They are on par with Swiss Army Knife company which is the original multitool company. Leatherman offers great warrantys and great products so there is not reason not to try them out.


3) Why is the price so much different for different Leatherman’s?

It really depends on the amount of tools that are in that specific Leatherman. If there are 21 tools it is more likely to cost more than the one that has 14 but that makes sense.

If you are looking for a great tool to bring backpacking then the Leatherman is for you. As a well renowned brand they have the reviews to back up their products durability and sustainability. The best product on this list is the Surge, which is also the most expensive. Both of these things are because this tool is more durable and has more tools than all the others. Hopefully this article helped you find the perfect Leatherman for your needs!

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