We know finding a good engagement ring is different for every guy and can be really hard sometimes. Even though it might not be the first thing you thought of, a ring with a wedding band on both sides is a really sexy look that a lot of man dudes actually like. So, check out this guide below to find some really sick rings that might change your mind when it comes to shopping for engagement rings.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

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HSG Men Rings Tungsten Band

This wedding band has a white finish of tungsten carbide. The design has smooth edges with matter polishing in the center. The delicate edges … Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing top designs of wedding bands on both sides of the engagement ring

Here is a list of wedding bands preferred by men:

  1. HSG Tungsten Ring Men Black Plating 8mm Matted Brushed Wedding Band. This wedding band has 8mm thickness with a size of 7-13. The design has black tungsten platting with a matte brush finish in the middle. The corners are delicate and smooth, which ensures the safety of your finger. The material resists scratches, which allows you to use this band for a very long time. The weight and durability impress men. Plus, the manufacturers offer a return service for a lifetime.
  2. HSG Men Rings Tungsten Carbide White 8mm Wedding Band. This wedding band has a white finish of tungsten carbide. The design has smooth edges with matter polishing in the center. The delicate edges provide comfortable fitting. The band contains polishing on both the ring sides. The precious metal offers a thickness of 8mm, which has permanent polish. The design resists wear and tear of all kinds that ensures its durability for a long time. The fitting is perfect, so you can enjoy wearing it on a daily basis.
  3. HSG Tungsten Rings For Men Black Plated 6mm Wedding Band. This black wedding band contains band finish on both sides. The tungsten carbide comes with a matte finish in the center. The thickness is 6mm, which is preferred by many wearers. The brand offers multiple sizes between 7 and 13. The polishing gives a smooth appeal to both sides of the band. The material quality serves its purpose for years without getting a single scratch. So, the ring looks glamorous on your hands without losing its appeal.
  4. HSG Tungsten Carbide Ring 4mm Black Plated Wedding. This one has a slimmer appeal with 4mm thickness of tungsten carbide. The wedding band has black plating and polishing on both sides. The edges are polished to have smooth curves. This improves the design appeal and comfort for a wearer. The excellence of tungsten offers a beautiful shine and trustworthy durability. The polish is permanent, so you don’t have to worry about losing the ring’s shine after a while.
  5. Boston Bay Men’s 7mm Black Ceramic Wedding Band Ring. This 7mm wedding band from Boston Bay has a smooth black ceramic texture. The band ring offers a comforting design and fitting that looks great in your finger. The design quality is so precise that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on any manufacturer’s defects. The ring has smooth edges and shines on both sides of the ring.

How to select wedding bands on both sides of engagement ring?

For a perfect wedding ring with bands on both sides, you need to consider these factors:

  1. Thickness. You need to pick a thickness that suits you. There are multiple thickness choices available such as 4mm, 6mm, 7mm, and 8mm of wedding bands.
  2. Size. This is the next important factor. Look for a brand that offers multiple sizes in every design. This way, you won’t have to compromise due to unavailable ring size.
  3. Smooth Edge. When choosing a wedding band. Make sure it contains smooth edges for your comfort.
  4. Long-lasting material. The materials such as tungsten carbide last for a long time.
  5. Polish. Ensure that the band contains polishing on both sides. This way you get a smooth finish for a stunning appeal.

We know how important it is to pick the perfect ring, so follow your heart and really take your time when you go to pick out your ring. Hopefully, this guide made things just a little bit easier – we know the next year or so is about to be super stressful, yet really exciting.

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