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Plumbing problems don’t appear with a notice, and long before you call a plumbing company for repairs and related work, you have to manage things at your end. It goes without saying that pipe wrenches are a must-have in any home plumbing kit, and there are so many different types of wrenches that are used for different purposes. In case you are wondering who makes the best pipe wrench, we have a guide that will sort the choices.

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RIDGID 31015 Model 12 Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench


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RIDGID Pipe Wrench


This is a 12-inch straight wrench that’s boasts of I-beam handle and ductile-iron housing. The product offers extremely great gripping and easy adjustments. RIDGID is a known… Read More on Amazon

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Reviewing the best five pipe wrenches

  1. RIDGID 31015 Model 12 Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench. This is a 12-inch straight wrench that’s boasts of I-beam handle and ductile-iron housing. The product offers extremely great gripping and easy adjustments. RIDGID is a known brand when it comes to wrenches, and this one complies with federal specifications. Ideal for pipe diameters between 1/2 inch and 1-1/2 inch.
  2. Goplus 4pcs Adjustable 8″ 10″ 14″ 18″ Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench Set. If you are looking for quality wrenches in a set, this Goplus is a good choice. All wrenches are made of solid steel, and sizes are 8″, 10″, 14″ and 18″ – ideal for diverse use. You can improve your plumbing jobs with these wrenches that boast of spring-loaded design with handles wrapped in plastic.
  3. Tradespro 830914 14-Inch Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench. Tradespro is a reliable brand for pipe wrenches, and this product measures 14-inches in length and comes with a durable carbon steel head. The product’s handle is made of malleable iron, and what makes this a great wrench is lifetime warranty from the brand.
  4. Apex Tool Group CW24 Crescent Chain Wrench. If you are looking for a chain wrench, we recommend this product, which comes with concave cut teeth for adequate gripping, while the I-beam handle design offers great hold. The product is chrome-plated, so you don’t have to bother about rusting.
  5. Bahco 9071 RP US Adjustable/Pipe Wrench. This 8-inch wrench comes with black phosphate finish and an ergo design. You get a thermoplastic handle, which ensures great grip while working. The head is slim, and the jaws are tapered, which offers extra strength while tuning. This is more of a professional product that can also fit in your home.

Types of pipe wrenches

Most pipe wrenches are usually made of iron or aluminum and are often classified based on size range. Below is a quick overview of different types of pipe wrenches.

  • Straight pipe wrench. This one is what you would need to handle varied kinds of pipes, either to loosen or tight as required.
  • End pipe wrench. As the name suggests, this kind of pipe wrenches help in working at the end of the pipe and the jaws are usually more angled.
  • Offset pipe wrench. This is a pipe wrench that’s used for the tightest spots. The jaws are wider compared to a straight wrench, which helps in easing the work.
  • Compound wrench. This pipe wrench is mostly used for loosening joints, especially during winters, and the design allows more pressure.
  • Chain and strap pipe wrenches. Chain wrenches use a chain instead of the regular jaws, while strap wrenches are similar but rely on material like nylon.

Who makes the best pipe wrenches?

While there are various brands that make pipe wrenches, some of the best ones include Ridgid, Tradespro, Bahco, Olympia Tool, GreatNeck, and Drixet. Your choice largely depends on the kind of wrench you need, but keep in mind that wrenches wouldn’t be changed now and then, so think of this as an investment for the long run.

Finding the best pipe wrench does not have to be a huge hassle. Trust us, we’ve been there! Especially when you have a pressing project that needs to be taken care of and time is of the essence. Then you certainly will not have the time to sift through all the various options that are out there to try and figure out which ones are going to be the best ones. There are literally thousands of different choices out there to choose from, so which ones are going to be the right ones? Well, we have it narrowed down to the five options that we absolutely believe are the best of the best. Take some time to peruse what we found, you will surely not be disappointed when you take a look at the pipe wrenches we believe to be the best ones. With great features and unbeatable prices, you will surely set yourself up for success if you pick one of the rad options that we found just for you!

We don’t necessarily expect you to know which pipe wrench brands are going to be the best bang for your buck. A great pipe wrench is somewhat of a specialty hand tool with the best options coming from brands that focus a lot of energy into manufacturing the absolute best pipe wrenches that money can buy. So even if you don’t recognize the brand names of these pipe wrenches, rest assured that these guys have a lot of skin in the game and will absolutely give you a badass pipe wrench that is going to get the job done every, single time you bust out that bad boy to do some plumbing work. If you are just getting into the trade, welcome! You have come to the right place to get yourself an amazing first pipe wrench to add to your budding collection. And if you happen to be a guy who’s been doing pipe work for sometime and needs a change of scenery, awesome. We have the pipe wrenches for you! Club ManDude is confident that we have sought out and found the holy grail of pipe wrenches. Go ahead and see for yourself! When you compare the options that we found, you will be stoked to put them into play to use them. Trust us.

Just because an option happens to be the highest in price, that does not mean we are going to automatically kick it to the top of our list as the favored option. When we choose our most recommended option on the list, it needs to be a culmination of different things to make it number one on the list. Price is a factor, but so are features and functionality. What about brand? Is it reliable? As you can see, we take a lot into consideration before we put a list together, and then even more so before we choose the option that we deem the “best”. And always keep in mind that just because we take the time to pick a top option, that does not mean the other four options don’t hold their weight in water. They absolutely do. So it typically boils down to preference. What exactly do you desire in the pipe wrench that you want to be using every day at work? Is it for personal use? Then we want it to be an effective tool that is going to last, one that you will be proud to keep upon your collection of other awesome tools that you love to use. The possibilities are endless!

And just in case you need a little more info, we have got your back. There is something special about the fact that we can simply head to the internet to find actual people who have used products we are looking into. Nothing is more honest than a consumer reviewing a product on the internet, whether they love it or not. Now, we always make sure to take the time to gather products that have an overwhelming majority of positive reviews. I mean, if we brought you products that are dissatisfying to a lot of people, we wouldn’t be doing our job now, would we? So, head over to Amazon and take a look at what other tool lovers are saying about these pipe wrenches! You certainly will not be disappointed and may get a peek at some of the specifics people love about these wrenches. It is win, win, my friend. Sure, you may get a negative Nancy here and there. It’s to be expected. It would be great if we could make everyone happy. But you’ll see a lot of love for these pipe wrenches, so you can’t go wrong with one of these choices. Happy wrenching out there fellas, and stay safe!

Final Word

Do your homework when it comes to pipe wrenches, and for most homes, a straight wrench and a couple of end-pipe and compound wrenches are just enough. You can always consider the brand as an important factor because that determines the build and quality, and some of these companies offer a lifetime warranty, which is great. If you still have confusions, check each product description and find what other users have to say about the product. Also, don’t buy all sorts for wrenches at once. Start with a combo of straight and compound wrenches initially, and depending on the work you frequently do, you can consider more of the options.

Hope this guide helped and don’t forget to check the products we mentioned!



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