Top Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

Top Hiking Boots for Wide Feet

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The seasons are changing from summer to fall. This is the perfect time to go hiking and see how nature is changing too! But let’s be real: in the middle of season changes nature can be unpredictable. So, we need some good hiking boots to give us

Best Lightweight Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt

Few things are more versatile than a long-sleeve hiking shirt when it comes to outdoor activities. A nice, lightweight long-sleeve hiking shirt can keep the sun off your skin during the summer months but keep you warm when it gets chilly! Finding the best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt for you is an adventure all

Best Leatherman for Backpacking

Best Leatherman for Backpacking

Leatherman’s are great for backpacking, camping, or just convenient to have around the house. That is simply because of the sheer versatility of the Leatherman. It is great for any type of survival activity but good to have around in case it is needed. This article will go over the best Leatherman’s that you can

base layer for backpacking

Best Base Layer for Backpacking

One of the key rules of doing anything outdoors is layers, layers, layers! Not only do the individual layers provide strategic wind, sun, and moisture blocking they allow you to remove or add them to accommodate the changing conditions. Determining the best base layer for backpacking is where things can get your expedition off to

Choosing The Best Laptop For Writing A Novel

Writing a Novel is Hard Enough – Even Harder with the Wrong Laptop! Writing a novel, just like writing an article about writing a novel (*wink wink*), requires a lot of creativity, a charged mind, patience and the ability to create new and original characters and plots for all to enjoy. However, long gone are

What Is The Best Laptop For Cyber Security?

Finding the Best Laptop for Cyber Security Doesn’t Have to be a Chore! Every branch of security requires a lot of advanced technology to help you protect your territory from whatever dangers lurk around every corner. However, I think technology’s *extra* important when it comes to cyber security – I mean cyber’s literally in the

Finding the Best Laptop for Animators

Are you an Animator Looking for the Best Laptop? Seek No More! Animation is one of the coolest things you can do with your life and I am severely jealous of anyone who is the creativity/talent to do it, but I guess that’s really besides the point? Anyway, one of the most important tools that