Looking for the Best Micro Brand Watches? Let’s Get After It…

Every man dude wants to rock a hot, expensive watch on their wrist so they can really dress to impress. I know you want to, whether you admit it or not. I see right through you. But I also know that the sexier the watch, the uglier the price. That’s why the best way to go is a micro brand watch, which is made by smaller companies at reduced prices and they really are just as hot. Check out the guide we made below to get yourself a real hot watch at a real hot price, dude.

There are some great options here, and we did everything in our power to bring you options that aren’t going to break the bank. Microbrand watches are a unique market with a ton of great options. It was actually hard to narrow it down to just five of them! But we did our homework as usual and carefully researched the options that are out there. We are confident that we found the five that are going to be the best bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at what we found.

In a hurry? WE GET IT, dudes. See our top pick below!

Top pick

Rhodium Plated Bezel Watch

If you love the idea of bejeweled watches, we promise that you will love this one from IEKE that’s priced under $35. The product, which is rhodium plated, is ideal for men who want … Read More on Amazon

Buying Options


Reviewing top products

  1. Dakota Watch Company Mini Clip Microlight Watch. Dakota brings this amazing watch that’s priced under $50 and is a steal for the features. It has an ultra-light LED micro light and water resistant for up to 100 feet. Luminescent hands and hour markers are other features, and what we absolutely love is the style and color. The watch comes in a trendy orange color and is ideal for college-goers and professionals alike. The product is also available in four other colors. Please note that this is a clip watch.
  2. IEKE Rhodium Plated White Dial IEKE CZ Bezel Watch. If you love the idea of bejeweled watches, we promise that you will love this one from IEKE that’s priced under $35. The product, which is rhodium plated, is ideal for men who want a chronograph style watch. The dial is white in color with three sub-dials, while gold chronograph style push buttons add to the style and functionality. You also get a microfiber jewelry polishing cloth in the package.
  3. LHS Atomic Talking Watch for The Blind. We had to include a watch for the blind, and this one from LHS comes for a price of around $50 and is ideal for regular use. The package includes a special microfiber cleaning cloth and a spare battery. Note that this is a talking watch, so anyone with vision problems can use it. The watch announces day, month, year, and even day of the week, besides time, and you can also set alarms as required. The brand also offers 6-month of warranty on the product with a 30-day moneyback trial period.
  4. SPRING MADE Premium 22mm and 20mm NATO Strap Watch Band. We also recommend this watch band for anyone who wants to replace their current one. The product is designed by a brand called SPRING MADE and is priced under $30. It is available in two sizes and comes in a gray shade. You can adjust the band easily thanks to the solid buckle. The product can also double up as a military watch or even as dive strap.
  5. Caddy Bay Collection Black Classic Watch Case Display Box. When you buy a bunch of watches that are not very expensive, you would need a box to store. This box from Caddy Bay allows you to store as many as 20 watches. Thanks to the full view glass viewing top, you can actually see your collection, and you also get 20 removable cushions with a microfiber cloth.

How to find the best micro-brand watches?

  • First things first, make sure that the product is functional for what you are seeking. For example, a chronograph watch needs to have the right number of sub-dials.
  • Secondly, check if the product is water resistant. You would be rather surprised to find that most micro brands don’t really compromise on that aspect.
  • Design, warranty and overall looks of a microbrand watch are equally important. No matter the price, you want the product to look fancy. Warranty is another aspect that people often miss but at the least, expect a warranty of 6 months.
  • Most of the microbrand watches are priced under $100, but it depends on the features, style, and other aspects. You want to be sure that the product is produced by a brand that doesn’t deal with mass production.

Final Word

So, the four tips above are very important. They are going to provide the tools you need to make the best decision for you. Use these tips to compare the options we’ve listed above and see which watch is going to be the one that elevates your style, adds to your confidence, looks amazing, and lasts for years to come. The cool thing about watches is, over time, they gain a certain sentiment, too. So, if you stumbled upon our list trying to find the best gift for a guy you know, you came to the right place. Add to the special value and sentiment by getting your guy an awesome watch. If you’re here for you, same goes for you, too! Treat yourself to a nice timepiece that will perfect any look that carefully put together. We want you walking out of the house in style every time, so we got your back and will do everything we can to never steer you wrong. It’s what we do here at Club ManDude, and we wouldn’t change that for anything.

And now for some final thoughts on the subject

They’re pretty hot, aren’t they? I know. Told you so. So go ahead and get yourself a micro brand watch. They’re great for the soul and great for your wallet. I know you want to – plus, like I said they’re hot. Each one of the options above looks awesome, it all boils down to your personal style and taste. One watch that a guy absolutely loves may not be the best option for the next guy. And that’s totally cool! You can rest assured that at the very least these are high-quality watches for a great price. Find the one that jumps out at you because it looks amazing and you know it’s the one for you.

And if you want even more details about these watches, we got your back. Click the link for any one of them above and it will shoot you right over to Amazon to get a closer look. There you will find even more details for each one, price tags to compare, and shipping details so you know exactly when you can sport your new timepiece. And how about customer reviews? See what other people are saying about these options before you buy. Nothing helps the buying process better than other people who have bought the product before you. And if you find an even better option somewhere else, let us know! It helps keep our lists updated to keep bringing you the best of the best. Happy watch hunting, fellas!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What is a micro brand watch?

A) Micro brand is a small-scale watch industry that’s popular in some regions. However, the term “microbrand watches” is used to describe small-sized and compact watches. Today microbrand watches are popular among collectors, especially because of their unique look and features.

Q) Should I buy a micro brand watch?

A) Yes, microbrand watches have great value and are purchased frequently due to their uniqueness. You can buy a microbrand watch for personal use or gift it to a loved one, and it will serve as a memorable piece of art.

Q) How to get the best micro brand watch?

A) The best place to find the best micro-brand watches is Amazon. On Amazon, you will find a wide range of micro-brand watches with different features and options. You will also get several money-saving benefits like free shipping, discounts, and gift coupons. So online shopping is the best option there is if you want micro-brand watches.

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