is a website dedicated to providing lists and reviews of the best of the best in products and services that appeal to men.  There is no such thing as “man-splaining” here at CMD.  That should give you an idea of roughly where we’re coming from.

We love beer, grills and smokers, power tools, friggin’ football, fishing, cars and motorcycles, and we know you do to, fellow man-dudes.  And we want to save you the time and stress of figuring out what smoker, grill, home beer brewing equipment, table saw, or perhaps even one-man helicopter that you should purchase.  Whatever sort of thing you are looking to get your man-mits on – home electronics, flamethrower, pumpkin catapult—we make shopping for it easy by telling you the best one to get.

So how do we make our recommendations? Simple. Our recommendations are made through a systematic process where we test, test, and re-test the bejesus out of everything we can get out grubby man-hands on.  And we see what holds water vs. what leaks like a sieve.

If you like, you might consider us a best-of list for all of your man-shopping needs; a one-stop shop filled to the brim with only stuff that actually interests or is useful to you in your maverick man-life. There will be no feigning interest as your wife or GF walks endlessly around Bed, Bath, and Beyond asking you about whether or not this duvet works well with these throw pillows or whatever the eff.  You dudes know what we’re talking about.  Those Saturday/Sunday mornings spent bleary-eyed, zoned out, just trying to stay awake, and following your lady around BBB or similar, as though you had an invisible leash around your neck.  None of that here.  We talk about things you want to talk about.  Like what’s the best damn smoker you can buy that is going to do what you want it to do?  Maybe you want to just smoke the f**k out of some brisket. All. Day. Long.  What size, quality, and brand of smoker will get the job done best for you?  That’s what we’re talking about here ma’ dudes. So welcome.  Make yourselves at home.  Kick up those dogs, crack an IPA, or your cold brew-dog of choice, and let’s get into it.

Now to the boring stuff…Here are CMD, we do actually pride ourselves on following rigorous ethics and standards, and we always keep it clean in our biz ops.  This means, if we say we like a product, it’s because we actually like that product.  Our recommendations are always made entirely on the basis of what we actually think – our reviewing and editorial team are just that – they are not owners of CMD whose income depends on an affiliate commission from this or that business relationship.

So how do we judge what’s a good vs. a shite product?

Good question.  Research and testing.  Then more research and more testing. Once the research and testing is done, then we look at qualitative factors such as whether or not this particular product will meet the needs of most man-dudes, or just a small fraction.  As an example, we’re not going to review and recommend the best smoker if it’s off the charts expensive – because we know that is going to be a deal-breaker for most dudes.

As a result, often times the products we’ve chosen to review here with our team took weeks or in some cases months of research and testing to sort out. Sometimes, it happens that, by the time a product is through our rigorous testing, a newer model is already on the market.  We do our level best to avoid this, and when it does happen, we make every attempt to update our reviews and content accordingly.

In addition to our own mantastic knowledge, we often include interviews and research from the best consumer review resources around. At time we may tap industry-specific experts, engineers, scientists, even physicists, if it comes down to it.  What if you want to know about the best one-man bug out space shuttle that you can launch from your backyard, in the event of a zombie or nuclear apocalypse?  Think we know the answer off-hand to something like that?  HELL NO!  So we are going straight as an arrow to NASA with that situation.  We’ve got subject matter experts galore to draw upon.  Care to test us?  Send in your question and give us a few days, see what comes back.  Interested in building your own one-man submersible equipped with infrared vision, which can travel great distances under water, undetected by sonar?  We don’t care why you want to know the scoop on that. We get it.  You just want to know.  Because well, you never know what may come your way in life, and sometimes a dude just needs to hop in a one man submarine and bug the hell out for a bit. Such is life.

Here at CMD, we scour the internet for customer reviews of products we are interested in, to find out what matters to typical mandudes out there.  If there are a bunch of useless, fancy bells and whistles that most of you couldn’t care less about, well, we’re not going to waste your time, or ours, talking about them. We strive to recommend products that are of awesome quality to warrant the price they are charging – while trying to avoid over-priced products that are over-stuffed with extra features most of us will rarely use.

Thus the products that make the cut here at CMD are the same products we’d recommend to our brothers and close friends, and these are the same products we’d choose for ourselves.

What about your affiliate commissions? Do they make you biased?

Darn good question, fellas. As mentioned earlier, our team of writers never have an incentive to recommend one product over another.  They operate in a vacuum in this way, and remain clueless as to what happens once a product is recommended.  Our established affiliate relationships in the marketplace are thus wholly independent of the editorial process for writing content on our site.  This being said, frequently the work of our staff writers is supported (paid for) through affiliate commissions that our parent company receives from various products that show up on our site as recommendations.  The writers are not privy to this though – they understand we have affiliate relationships with trusted sites like Amazon, and many of our reviewed products can be purchased there.  And they also know we are funded largely by those affiliate relationships.  But this does not impact the actual products that are recommended vs ones that don’t make the cut!

And here’s another thing, if our readers make a product purchase, on Amazon, for instance, based on one of our reviews, and then end up returning their purchases because they’re dissatisfied or they feel our recommendation was bad, we make ZILCH.  That’s right, ZERO $. Because of this, there is absolutely ZERO incentive for us to lay accolades on crappy products or respond to any sort of pressure from our affiliate to push this product or that—in fact, the reality is, we’re in the opposite situation here. We live and die by the dependability of our product recommendations! Simple as that.

And then there is the trust factor.  How can we expect loyal readers when there is no trust factor in place?  We can’t.  So, therefore, you dudes have to trust us here at CMD!  So please always fire away if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or maybe you find errors in a recommended product’s spec when you are fact-checking us.  Please let us know!

What if what I am looking for isn’t on your site?

Easy.  Please contact us to let us know and we will get on it swiftly.   Easy peasy. And if for some reason we feel we cannot help, we’ll try to point you in the right direction of someone who can.

All the best from the whole team here at, and thanks as always for your support!!!